Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bulgarian Promoter Loans €750k for Elton

World music legend Sir Elton John will stage a gig at the 'Lokomotiv' stadium in Sofia on June 6, 2010. His performance will be a part of the biggest music festival in Bulgaria Arena Muzika (Arena Music). Once again Sofia Music Enterprises (SME) is in charge of the organization and arranging the next big concert in Bulgaria. Obviously Madona's concert didn't dishearten Dimitar Kovachev - Funki, president of SME, who is prepared to meet the requirements of music stars.

To ensure the concert in Sofia as part of Elton John's Summer Shows 2010 tour, Kovachev and his business partner Ivan Nestorov have to transfer half of the royalties until the end of January 2010. The exact amount has not been specified. However, Hotnews website announced yesterday that Funki has applied for a loan of 750,000 E at an unnamed Bulgarian bank. Most probably the loan will be used for the show of Sir Elton John and his band. It is likely that David Furnish, Elton John's partner, will accompany him to Sofia.

- Standartnews

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