Tuesday, December 15, 2009

David & Elton to Reconsider Adoption & Election Vote

Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish still have adoption plans in mind even after their attempt to take on the responsibility of a Ukrainian youngster ended in a failure.
The duo, who entered into a civil partnership agreement in December 2005, had hoped to be allowed to adopt the 17-month-old Lev from an orphanage.

However, their civil partnership is not recognised under Ukrainian law.

Also, under the country’s law the 62-year-old Elton is too old for adopting a kid.

Thus, John and Furnish, 47, have been offered to play guardians for Lev.

"We want to support Lev and his brother and get them into a Ukrainian home and out of the orphanage," the Sun quoted Furnish, as saying.

He said: "We were upset not to be allowed to adopt but we'll fight and work with the Ukrainian government to change the law so that HIV positive children can be adopted. We'll be like uncles. They can visit us on holidays."

He said John and he would weigh their options during the Christmas break.

"That's part of what Christmas will be about - a chance to get off the treadmill and chill out. There is a lot for us to talk about," Furnish said.

- Express India

Gay singer Elton John has said he cannot guarantee the Labour Party his vote.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph's Mandrake column at his AIDS Foundation Winter Ball on Saturday, the star said he did not feel Brown had grasped the "extent" of the rise in HIV infections.

He said: "Gordon Brown is a friend, but neither of us [himself and civil partner David Furnish] feels able to guarantee him our vote at the election."

When asked whether this was related to a recent Health Protection Agency report which suggested HIV infections had risen by eight per cent last year, he said: "I have talked to Gordon about it, but I am not sure he grasps the extent of the problem."

"People were more aware of the disease because of the uncompromising advertising campaign that [Margaret Thatcher's] government ran," he added.

"Now people seem to believe that they are invincible. Yes, sure, they can take pills when they become infected, but they seem to have no idea of the side-effects of these pills and the impact the condition has on their lives."

John has described himself as a "Labour man" in the past, although he and Furnish donated £10,495 each to the Liberal Democrats last year.

- Pink News

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