Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Elton Makes First Public Appearance in 26 Days

The singer seemed to have put the bout of ill health behind him as he took to the red carpet in New York for his annual Aids Foundation benefit.

He was forced to cancel a series of gigs on his world tour after falling ill earlier this month.
Sir Elton admitted he hated letting his fans down but said he had been able to have a good rest while in hospital.
"It's the first time I've been in bed for about nine days in the whole of my life," he explained as he arrived at the charity event. "Except for maybe when I had my tonsils out."
"So, I was alright. I had a good rest. I didn't expect it.
"The worst thing was having to cancel shows. I hate that. But I'm back on my feet and I'm bouncing around now."

Despite getting the go ahead from doctors, Sir Elton has had to postpone a further two concerts he was due to perform with Billy Joel.

This time it is the American singer who has been forced to pull out for "undisclosed medical reasons".

Sir Elton's event, entitled An Enduring Vision, saw Hollywood actress Sharon Stone and former US President Bill Clinton honoured.

Bond star Daniel Craig, Tony Bennett and Courtney Love were also in attendance.

The Elton John Aids Foundation helps to fund HIV prevention programmes and aims to eliminate stigma and discrimination associated with the disease.

Last year more than $2 million was raised but the singer admitted the current economic will make it a lot harder this time.
"We are in a bad time economically and everybody's vying for attention. We mustn't let Aids get onto the back seat.
"It's very important that it stays in the forefront of our attention because it's a disease that's not going away. In fact it's really increasing in a lot of areas."

- Sky News

Sir Elton John makes the red ribbon proud with his fundraising efforts for his Elton John AIDS Foundation. His organization recognized former President Bill Clinton, Evelyn and Leonard Lauder, Sharon Stone, and Lily Safra on Monday night in New York by presenting them with Enduring Vision awards.

Since founding EJAF in the early '90s in the Unites States and his native United Kingdom, Elton has raised over $150 million for the cause. He told ET, "We live in a time where we mustn't let AIDS get forgotten about…We have to carry on the fight and get as much done as we possibly can in our small way."

Honoree Sharon Stone credits the organization with "taking away the stigma of AIDS." Soap star Susan Lucci said, "It's a cause that's so worthwhile. So many of us in the entertainment industry know so many people who this will touch. And the arts touch everyone."

In its eight year, the award acknowledges the efforts of those who contribute to heightening awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Journalist Anderson Cooper hosted the event, which featured a performance by Donna Summer.

- ETOnline

UPDATE: 20/11 - $2 Million was raised at this event for the EJAF. Congratulations!

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