Monday, November 2, 2009

Elton Has Lost His Voice - May Need 4 Weeks Off

A source close to Sir Elton said: 'The feeling is Elton will be out of action for four weeks.

'His voice has temporarily gone and he has been having severe coughing bouts, so there is no way he can play concerts for a while.'

The 62-year-old singer had to cancel several concerts, but aims to rejoin BILLY JOEL on tour in the US on November 14.

Sir Elton was admitted on Friday suffering from stomach cramps and vomiting. He also had flu.

Promoters say they hope to reschedule the European dates - part of Sir Elton's Red Piano tour - for December.

- Daily Mail/ The Sun


Inge from Norway said...

he will be better soon i really hope, love

Jared James Goodtime Show said...

Get well soon Elton. Hope that you're voice will be good as new and that it's nothing too terribly serious. Peace and Love from Jared James.