Saturday, October 3, 2009

Will Guy Be Replaced? If So, By Whom?

Sir Elton and the band hit the road again on October 7 for their first show since the very tragic and sudden passing of long serving keyboardist, Guy Babylon.

Below are some questions raised by this tragedy, and how the band will be effected.

Without sounding disrespectful, the Elton John touring machine must continue. The first show is a Red Piano show in Moscow, Russia. Will a new keyboardist be added to the band, if so, who will it be? If not, how will this effect the sound at a live, full band show?

Will there be a special Red Piano tribute to Guy? Will Elton perform "Blues Never Fade Away" solo? Will the band join in? Will a different, up-tempo number be dedicated to him?

If Guy is replaced (which is an extremely hard thing to do, given his enormous talent, dedication and well rehearsed programming for the tour) who could fill his shoes? Below are some suggestions:

  • James Newton Howard (a talented composer who has worked with Elton in the past).
  • Fred Mandel (has previously worked with the band).
  • Lyndsay Vannoy (temporarily replaced Guy in 2005).
We will find out the answer to these questions on October 7.

Please feel free to comment below on wether or not you think he will be replaced and if so by whom.


Mário Marinato said...

Before reading your post I was already thinking about Fred Mandel, but now I think that James N. Howard would be a great idea too.

Let time show us.

Anonymous said...

The show can't go on without a keyboardist. Guy's contribution was massive, as he created many of the orchestrations of the songs onstage.

James Newton Howard is a huge film composer now, I doubt he would get involved in a touring rock show such as this. And just because Fred Mandel was Elton's keyboardist years ago, doesn't qualify him today. Elton's sound onstage has evolved tremendously since then.

There are a slew of people that could replace Guy (as keyboardist, no one can replace him as a person, and no one will come onboard with the same nuance in performance at this point) - Elton's bandmates, I'm sure, have people in mind.

Remember, Bob Birch was hit by a car in Canada during the MIE tour and was filled in by David Paton for the remaining shows in '95.

Nathanial78 said...

Howdy folks,

My name is Nathanial and I am an Elton John fan from Honolulu, HI. I just purchassed tickets for Elton's concert here in Honolulu. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if Elton is going to have his backup band with him during this performance. I hope so.


Elton Fan said...

Hi Nathanial,

Unfortunately on this occasion Elton will only be accompanied by percussionist Ray Cooper. The full band will not be present at your show.

Enjoy the show though!