Monday, October 5, 2009

More Elton & Ray in 2010

At his 2 October gig in Paris, France, Sir Elton announced that due to the great success of this seven date tour, a much larger tour will occur in Europe next year!

So stay tuned, more tour dates should be announced soon.


James said...

Great news!!!! I hope this time i can get seats early and not get ripped off!

JASON said...

Irrelevant question..Do you know what is the intro song called in elton solo concert? Is that from Aida?

Elton Fan said...

Hi Jason,

You are quite right.

It is the orchestral finale from Aida.

Kind Regards,

JASON said...

do you know where could i get this song online? i really love this song..Or could you send this to my email: am huge fan of elton...I am also a frequent visitor of your blog, Keep up this good work..Long live Elton John!!

travellermimi said...

ohh dats really great. This time I will book the tickets in advance.

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