Friday, October 23, 2009

Could Elton Tour Down Under with Ray Mar/Apr 2010?

Sir Elton John and Ray Cooper have just announced a summer tour of South Africa "under African skies". Their first dates in the Southern Hemisphere for 2010.

As Elton is traveling so far south for these 4 gigs, it is very feasible that he may add Australia (and possibly New Zealand) on to this tour, either prior to March 21 or early April 2010. 

It makes sense logistically to fly the star and his equipment from SA to Australia and then back up to Europe/ America for a continuation of his tour in the Northern Hemisphere, rather than freighting everything back up and perhaps down later in the year, without Sir Elton touching base with his enormous Australian/ New Zealand market. 

The star tends to favor either November/ December or March/ April/ May for touring Australia. Making this seem more likely.  An Australian leg would fit nicely between his engagements in Africa (in March) and Europe (May 29 - only UK gig for '10). Sir Elton is also expected to announce more Ray Cooper european engagements for 2010 soon, which could fall around the May/ June Northern Hemisphere summer around his Watford FC show. 

After missing Australia out of his 2009 tour itinerary, and having performed here consecutively in 2006 (Captain & the Kid Tour - December), 2007 (A Knight Under the Stars Solo Tour - November/ December) and 2008 (Rocket Man Tour - May), Sir Elton is indeed due to keep in touch with Australian shores. 

As the entertainer has ruled out further touring of the Red Piano in 2010, and, Face to Face concerts with Billy Joel are only scheduled to tour through more of the United States and possibly South America, it realistically leaves only the Ray Cooper Tour to travel here. 

However, Elton has been very in-consistent of late. Who knows, we may see him in December 2010 with Billy Joel, a Red Piano or even a whole new show, to celebrate his new Album expected to be released in early 2010...

Stay tuned for more information, or alternatively,  ask Michael Chugg (nicely). 

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