Thursday, September 17, 2009

Possible Set list for Elton & Ray Cooper Tour

As Sir Elton and the very talented percussionist Ray Cooper hit the road touring France, Italy and an exclusive Royal Albert Hall Show in London this September, eltonjohnnews has decided to research some of the historical set lists from previous duo tours, in order to present a possible set list for the upcoming tour.

Remember this is based on previous tours and Elton's current solo shows and is a general estimate only.

- Your Song
- Sixty Years On
- The Greatest Discovery
- I Need You To Turn To
- Border Song
- Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes
- Daniel
- Rocket Man
- Tiny Dancer
- Philadelphia Freedom
- Take me to the Pilot
- Candle in the Wind
- Funeral for a Friend
- Carla Etude
- Tonight
- Bennie & the Jets
- Crocodile Rock
- Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

- I'm Still Standing
- Don´t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Elton has previously also included Pinball Wizard, Levon and Better off Dead with Ray.
Stay tuned to see what he plays on September 22.

Feel free to comment below on what you think they may play.


Anonymous said...

I think the show will be longer - he typically does about 27 songs. It makes sense that he'd do Funeral as the entrance for Ray, but I wonder if he'll drop Carla/Etude and go right into Tonight, as on the '79 and '93-'95 Tours. Or keep Carla/Etude, and have Ray accompany on that - which would be a new treat.

Might see Levon in there - maybe, Crazy Water. Depends on how un-lazy Elton is, too - if he wants to rehearse stuff he hasn't done in 14 years or not. It would be nice to have some recent stuff, too. Don't forget Better Off Dead, either.

James said...

Have you considered skyline pigeon? He played it in 1979 and he has resurrected it lately.

I'd love to see high flying bird, but I sadly hold no hope for it.

James said...

Turns out the predicted list was rather wrong. It was a fantastic set list.