Monday, August 31, 2009

Sir Elton's Autocue

After almost 40 years of performing Your Song, Elton John ought to know the words by now.
Yet at a private birthday gig in Monaco, the 62-year-old star could clearly be seen using an autocue.

Even the opening line - 'It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside' - was on the screen at the Hotel De Paris, Monte Carlo.

The device was hidden from the audience behind a flower arrangement.

In this picture, Sir Elton appears to be leaning towards it as if to make out the words on the screen.
He released the song, which he wrote with Bernie Taupin, in October 1970. It was his first major hit.

His publicists vehemently denied yesterday that he needed the prompter to help him remember the words.
They insisted it was merely to make sure he kept to the correct running order during an hour-long medley of hits.

Sir Elton, who is reported to have been paid £1million to perform at the private party, is far from alone in his use of the autocue.

Sir Mick Jagger also follows the screen during his high-energy performances with the Rolling Stones.

Secreted among the onstage monitors, it scrolls through the lyrics to the Stones' classic songs in time with his vocal delivery.
The prompt, used during the band's last £250million-grossing tour, even tells him the name of the city where he is performing and spells out his between-song 'ad-libs'.

Brian Larter, managing director of the autocue firm Autoscript UK, said: ' Everyone uses them, from Macca to Elton.'

- Daily Mail

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