Monday, May 18, 2009

A letter from Elton to Himself

To celebrate their 25th birthday, Gay Times recently asked a few celebrities to do the following: Write your 16-year-old self a letter. Among the letters was one from Sir Elton John offering the 16-year-old Reginald Kenneth Dwight some advice on life.

Following is the letter in its entirety as transcribed from the current May 2009 issue of Gay Times:

Atlanta, March 8th 2009

Dear Reg,

You are a very young 16. You know nothing about sex – you don’t even know what a ”queer” is. Trust me when I tell you – you are ”queer”; you are a gay boy. I made the mistake of not having sex until I was 23! I loved being with another man and felt relieved that I finally knew who I was. I made the mistake of falling in love too soon because I was naive and romantic. My advice to you is never to chase love – it will find you when you least expect it. Have fun, have lots of safe sex and enjoy your sexuality. Be proud of who you are and, as you get older and wiser, fight for gay rights – I’m 46 years older than you are, and we have a long way to go. In certain countries we are still not treated as equals, especially by the so-called ”Christian” church. I made a lot of mistakes. Stay away from drugs, they’re a waste of time. Stand up for every human being’s rights. Be loving, kind and strong. Set an example. You’re going to have a hell of a life!!

Love you, Elton


- Courtesy Martin M. Aamand

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