Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Billy & Elton's Unique Dressing Rooms

BILLY JOEL insists his backstage dressing room is like a different world compared to touring partner SIR ELTON JOHN's colourful space.

The pair has hit the road again on the Face2Face tour and Joel insists the fact that both be and Elton play piano is one of the only things that make them alike.

He claims their differences are clear in their dressing rooms.

Joel tells Rolling Stone magazine, "Mine is like the back of a deli. Give me some water, a couple of sodas and a cold-cut (meat) platter, and I'm good.

"Elton's looks like the glory that was Rome. He has flowers, and the room is draped with all kinds of materials.

"There are boys in togas, like centurions. And he's got dozens of pairs of shoes and beautiful jackets and sunglasses."

- Contact Music

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i saw this in RS earlier today, so funny!