Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sir Elton to Play Dog or Elephant in Movie

MARGARITA'S, Star Wars-style costumes, Indian head-gear and guyliner.
Just a normal Monday lunchtime for wacky newcomers Empire Of The Sun.

The psychedelic Aussie duo are on a mission to conquer the world - and I wouldn't bet against it.

Created by LUKE STEELE (the mastermind behind THE SLEEPY JACKSON) and NICK LITTLEMORE (one half of techno duo PNAU), they immediately had me hooked as I'm greeted by the gentle strumming of a guitar.

"Beci, oh Beci, Beci. Beci from The Sun. Oh Beci, yeahhhhhhhhhh, she likes to have fun..." Luke sang.


Any thoughts of the world's economic crisis or my hangover are instantly forgotten as we launched into a series of bizarre conversations about the moon, granny pants, boobs and Stonehenge.

Nothing they say makes much sense - however you've got to applaud the boys for their ultra-ambitious grand plan.

They've already created a splash with Walking On A Dream, watch above, the title track from their spectacular new album which is the perfect example of the year's infectious electro-pop sound.

Now they are going to travel around the world to make music videos for each song on the LP and merge them into a feature film with an all-star cast.

Nick said: "ELTON JOHN will probably be involved. He is a huge fan of EOTS and loves our plans. He's a fun guy. He might play a dog."

However Luke - who met Nick in Sydney in 2000 through a label friend - chipped in: "I don't think he'll want to be a dog so we'd better make him an elephant. He's very grand."

Luke added: "We've written a script which is changing all the time. We're trying to get someone like FOREST WHITAKER to be the voice of God."

Nick also has plans to get BRANDON FLOWERS on board after forging a friendship with THE KILLERS while working together in 2006.

While Nick recalled how Elton hunted him down in Australia after connecting with Pnau's music.

He said: "He rung me up and told me one of Pnau's albums was one of the best he's ever heard.

"We've become good friends and he really likes the visual concept of EOTS.

"We've been round his house for tea and spoken a lot about our ideas. He's such a big star and appreciate any input he gives.

"He loves visual and theatrical masterpiece we are trying to create. I love his costumes too but he seems to have toned them down a bit recently which is a shame.

"I loved the 70s when people were flamboyant - it's time to be more out there again."

Luke continued: "There are discussions to film one video at Elton's country estate in Windsor. So far Walking On A Dream was filmed with emperors in China and We Are The People in Mexico.

"Mexico was a life-changing experience and we'd like to go back but each video is taking us somewhere different.

"Iceland is next but then I think we'll be ready to hit the UK.

"Stonehenge is an idea also."

There is also talk about enticing a group of The Sun's Page 3 girls to make an appearance.

Nick said: "They are something of a tradition here in England so of course they would be more than welcome."

Luke added: "I find it funny that you guys have these women but it's great."

Despite their mesmorising presence and confidence the band have NEVER performed a live gig together.

Luke said: "I sung on Pnau's single, With You Forever, but no one has seen Empire Of The Sun, the finished article.

Nick continued: "With so much negativity around the world we love the idea of creating something fun. Kids can lose their innocence so young these days but hopefully they can use their imagination, connect with colours and the essence of what we do.

"But grannies like us too. Our fans range from five to 85. My gran and all of her friends love out music and they've been singing along. There is the idea of a concert in an old age residence."

With so much hype around the band, I question why exactly they are holding back the live dates.

Nick says: "We are trying to be cautious not to oversaturate the music industry as we've done that with our other individual bands.

"We don't want people to get fed up. We want people to listen to our music and get familiar with it. We can then hopefully treat fans to a spectacular show that they will remember."

With so many weird and wonderful ideas, the prospect is a mouth-watering one.

Six months is a long time to wait - but an out of this world experience is surely guaranteed.

"We're planning some concerts for October time but they will be more like a show and narrated. We are storytellers.

"There will be an extravagant set and it will be on on a grand scale. We're not quite sure exactly how it will work but it will be visual and colourful.

"We've been picking up bits and pieces for the show as we've been travelling around the world. I got some drapes from Mexico and a necklace from JAY-Z when I was in New York."

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