Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Kiwi Elton John

The Wellington musician, who has been dubbed the Kiwi Elton John, is playing tonight on Pukekura Park's Hatchery Lawn.
The 26-year-old plans to resurrect some of the British superstar's greatest hits during his two and a half hour set.

"I play top 40 hits for all ages so there is something for everyone in there," Preston says.

This year marks Preston's third year at the TSB Festival of Lights and will feature the song he coined and performed for the city, New Plymouth Like No Other.

"There will be a few visual surprises too."

The pianist has been listening to Elton John's music since he was a kid and sounds eerily similar to the British superstar.

"My favourite album is Captain Fantastic and then probably Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Not so much the stuff later on, as that's sort of when the drugs took hold."

But Preston is not just about cover songs, he is currently working on an album of original music which he hopes to release in May.

"I have tour and travel commitments after May so I'm hoping to get it out by then."

The young singer/songwriter did not start out playing the piano, at seven he started to play the drums.

"I realised as I got older I wanted to do things on my own but you can't accompany yourself on the drums so it was either guitar or piano and as I hadn't seen that many pianists I decided to do that," Preston says.

He taught himself how to play using music books and has been a professional musician for the past seven years.

"I'm a fulltime performer and do about 140 shows a year. Last year I toured New Zealand, Australia and the UK and this year I'm doing the piano bar circuit in London."

Before he heads off though, Preston will be back in town to perform at Americarna.

If wet, Preston will perform at the TSB Stadium.

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