Monday, October 20, 2008

Elton Working on New Ben Stiller Musical

Elton John is writing a “film musical” about a man who has AIDS.

The ‘Candle in the Wind’ singer is penning the show with Ben Stiller in mind for the lead role, and despite its seemingly bleak subject matter Elton insists it will be a comedy.

He said: “I’ve got to try and write a film musical for Ben Stiller. It’s about a guy on Broadway who is gay, has HIV and AIDS and has to go back and face his wife and his kids that he left. It’s very funny.

“The premise doesn’t sound funny, but it is.”

However, Elton – who has written the music for shows including ‘Billy Elliot’ and ‘Aida’ – says he generally isn’t a fan of musical theatre.

He is quoted by website MSNBC as saying: “I like some of the classic ones.

“‘West Side Story,’ for me, is the greatest musical ever written.

“But I don’t like forced fun. I’m more drawn to tragedy than, ‘Let’s all have a great time.’ And I’m not keen on the music in musicals sometimes.

“I’m quite fussy about it. I don’t really like them unless I’m involved in them, for some reason.”

Meanwhile, the 61-year-old performer has been enjoying time with friends in the South of France.

Elton reportedly invited 10 of his closest pals for a free two-week break in the exclusive region, before setting up a tab at designer clothing store Dolce and Gabbana where his guests spent a staggering 140,000 Euros.

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