Saturday, August 9, 2008

Will Elton Play at the 2012 London Olympics?

After witnessing one of the most spectacular Olympic Opening Ceremonies ever staged, I had an idea.

The Olympic Games will be traveling to London, England in 2012, and it makes sense that a rich part of British history is their music.

Why not get the biggest names in not only British musical history, but global music, to participate in a music medley which illustrates the rich tapestry of English born artists?

Chinese pianist Lang Lang performed amongst a group of performers who created a human scale model of the Beijing Olympic stadium, whilst images were displayed on a giant robotic LED screen situated beneath the piano.

Wouldn't it be impressive to see what Sir Elton John, a piano, and London's world renowned choreographers and stage designers could create?

Maybe he could float down on a stage supported by guide cables whilst performing 'Your Song' on a beautiful white grand piano?

I would love to hear your suggestions...


thomas from vienna/austria said...

when i saw lang lang on the piano i thought the same thing as you...
i thought about the olympics in london and how they could top this bombastic opening ceremony..
and i thought about elton playing at the opening...xDD..but i think elton would prefer to play live..lang lang didnt play live
(i think)
greetings from vienna

Don said...


May I suggest a link related to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?

Our site:

Title: Beijing Olympics

Please let me know if you want a link back.
Many thanks for your reply.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

I reckon he should perform at the closing ceremony instead, and sing are you ready for Love