Saturday, August 9, 2008

What is Elton Up To on His Holiday?

After weeks apart, Sir Elton John was finally reunited with his 'husband' David Furnish in St Tropez today.

Canadian film-maker Furnish, 45, has been holidaying on the French Riviera since last month, while Elton was performing in Las Vegas.

The flamboyant singer has been performing in Nevada's Sin City as a resident act in the Coliseum at Caesar's Palace since 2004.

The Yellow Brick Road singer has the rest of the summer off until he is expected to start his Canadian tour in Calgary, Alberta on September 12th.

Arriving on the Riviera, a colourful-looking Elton looked ready to party as he opted for his usual flamboyant dress by wearing a pair of polka-dot 'clown-style' trousers, neon pink trainers and a large silver medallion.

Meanwhile, Furnish went for a more Mediterranean look in yellow shorts and a blue polo shirt.

After the couple's reunion on dry land, they were joined by a huge entourage, who assisted the 61-year-old singer into a motorised dinghy to bring them out to designer Roberto Cavalli's luxury yacht, where Furnish has been residing for the past few weeks.

Despite spending a majority of his days lazing in the sun, Furnish has been a regular at St Tropez's many exclusive nightclubs.
While Elton has been had at work performing, Furnish has been living the high life with a huge entourage of friends, including U.S. rap-rocker Kid Rock, ex-husband of Pamela Anderson.

During his touring break, Elton is rumoured to be attending the former president of the Ukraine's birthday party and may perform alongside Lulu for a one off duet at Macclesfield, UK.

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