Friday, July 18, 2008

Elton's Surprise Gig in Germany

Michael Ballack got a big surprise at his dream wedding when pop star Elton John (61) showed up for a surprise performance.

Elton flew in especially for the occasion on a private jet and helicopter to perform for the 200 guests at a yacht club at lake Starnberg near Munich.

"It was my biggest wish, that Elton John would come," says Ballack.

Elton entertained the crowd for almost two hours, playing romantic fan favourites like "Rocket Man" and "Candle in the Wind". The pop legend then topped off the super show by singing a song he had composed especially for Ballack!

Elton John: "Michael, you are my favourite player in the English premier league. You are welcome in my home any time."

The exclusive show was made possible by legendary Hollywood producer Arthur Cohn (who has 6 Oscars under his belt). Arthur Cohn is a good friend of Elton's, who has named his dog "Arthur".

Cohn told BILD: "Reiner Calmund and Ballack's best man Michael Becker wanted to surprise the groom with the concert. Of course I was happy to help. We were lucky that we could keep it a secret for so long!"

A spectacular show of fireworks finished off the perfect wedding night. The spectacle ended with Ballack joining the bridesmaids in a sing-along of the Spice Girls song "Viva Forever". It was the perfect wedding for football superstar Ballack.

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