Saturday, July 12, 2008

Elton Touring with Billy Joel in 2009?

The latest addition to the 2009 rumor mill may have some fans in a state of shock.

At a recent concert in Konstanz, Germany, Sir Elton revealed plans to tour alongside Billy Joel in 2009.

Asked by fans during a signing at the concert "will you be touring Germany solo next year?", Elton responded "I'll be touring with Billy next year".

According to Elton this tour will definitely include Europe. However, some speculation has been raised at the integrity and feasibility of this claim.

Could Billy refer to Billy Elliot - the musical or Billy Joel - the American piano legend. He may simply be performing solo concerts around Europe to assist with the promotion of Billy Elliot the musical as he did in Australia. There have been no reports of Billy Elliot the musical touring through Europe.

Furthermore, Elton is widely known to be somewhat indecisive. He has said many times how he wishes to stop touring and to stop recording albums - none of which has eventuated. Can we take this rumor to be the truth?

In addition how can we be assured that Billy Joel wants to engage in widespread touring again? He does not hit the road as much as Elton does.

From a cynical perspective - perhaps Elton and Billy would prefer to tour separately, in this format they do not have to divide the show profits in half.

What is known though, is the Red Piano shows in Las Vegas are expected to end in April 2009, leaving a gap in Elton's touring schedule. Further, Elton and Billy are close friends, they have toured in the past for the Face to Face World Tour - a smash hit touring production and perhaps they are both looking for a live experience that is a little more unique.

Will Elton engage in a Face to Face tour again?, will he extend his Red Piano tour internationally?, will he continue to perform in Las Vegas - maybe with a new show?, will he work on a new album? or simply continue his greatest hits roadshow?.

Time will soon tell.

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