Saturday, July 19, 2008

Canadian Shows Sold Out

Tickets for Elton John’s two shows at Mile One Centre in October sold out in less than an hour after they went on sale noon today.

About 100 people were waiting in line outside Mile One as of 11 a.m., and Sheena McCrate, the centre’s senior manager of sales and marketing, said not all of them were able to get tickets, since they also went on sale online and by phone.

“Not everyone in the lineup was able to get tickets, but anyone who was there for overnight did,” McCrate said.
A fuss broke out in the lineup early this morning, when a group of people reportedly tried to butt in line.

A group of women attempted to solve the problem by using a marker to write a number on everyone’s hand.

“The last time I had to line up like this was at Motor Vehicle Registration in the 70s,” said Elton John fan Gerry Martin of St. John’s, with a smile.

Elton John made his first real impact on the province today, when a flurry of callers trying to buy tickets to his upcoming concert clogged phone lines.

Both Aliant and Rogers telephone services were impacted by what a Rogers representative called intermittent disruptions after the tickets went on sale at noon Friday. The spokeswoman said the problem has been solved and phone lines should be working. She said this was the first time she’d seen enough congestion due to an event to cause a disruption.

Meanwhile, the 911 communications centre in St. John’s was suggesting alternatives to home phones for people in emergency situations, such as mobile telephones, a neighbour’s phone or a pay phone. If none of those are available, people could also physically go to the nearest fire or police station for help.

Elton John fans hoping to buy tickets online for the pop star's two Halifax concerts found themselves hard pressed to do so when they went on sale Friday morning.

Some frustrated fans abandoned their computers and headed for the box office at the Halifax Metro Centre, where John will perform two shows on Sept. 26-27.

The two concerts sold out in about an hour.

One hopeful concert goer waiting outside the box office said a friend had been waiting for more than half an hour at a countdown page to buy her tickets.

Fred MacGillvray, president and CEO of Trade Centre Ltd., insisted the website was working and there were no problems with the Internet ticket-selling system.

He said the thousands of people who tried to buy tickets online created a long queue and had to wait their turn.
"You can't refresh (the page), you can't do anything, you're just stuck there," said Stephanie Perkins who waited in line while her friend searched for tickets at home.

"It's crashing. That's why I ran over here. I wasn't planning to, but I heard there were only 50 people in line."
MacGillvray said he heard complaints that the service was slow, but not that it had crashed.
"We're selling tickets at the moment over the Internet," he said at about 10 a.m.

"There's 23,000 tickets being sold, so you'll get a queue. ... It's just a lot of people requesting tickets at the same time."
John will perform in Atlantic Canada for the first time. Besides the two Halifax shows, he will play Sept. 28 in Moncton, N.B., Sept. 30 in Saint John, N.B., and in St. John's, N.L., on Oct. 2 and Oct. 3.

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Anonymous said...

Don't believe Freddies line about no system problems. HAD tickets in shopping cart still within the so called transaction time limit, but during the payment process they were all of a sudden unavailable and sold to someone else. There have been numerous complaints like this, but he still says the system worked fine... just slow. Well I guess the system was working... all tickets were sold, just not to the people that had them reserved in their cart. Who ever got my tickets, I hope you enjoy the show and you are not one of the people reselling them online!