Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Big 200

British rocker Elton John celebrated the 200th performance of his "The Red Piano" tour in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday (June 21). The Caesars Palace was the perfect venue for fans of the British rocker as he gave an over-the-top performance at the Colosseum theatre.

The popular and lucrative tour, it debuted in 2004 and consists of Elton John's career hits over the past thirty years. Designed by American photographer/director, David LaChapelle, the sets of the show are elaborate, complete with huge video screens and inflatable props. The first fans to enter the venue were given complimentary red feather boas to celebrate the milestone concert.

Elton looked very dashing in a new tailor made suit and red heart shoes, sporting the words "island girl" with various iconography. Fans within the first few rows were treated to a rare chance to dance on stage just inches from the man himself.

On stage, as Elton raised a toast to the 200th performance of "The Red Piano," he made tongue in cheek remarks about Canadian diva Celine Dion who spent five years at the Colosseum before exiting the venue.

"Welcome to the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace, the ex-home of Celine Dion. We will now have a minute's silence. Oh, I miss that skinny bitch so much. Its just not the same but anyway we do have in her place - Cher and Bette Midler and me. And we love doing the show and we are going to have a great time. This is our 200th performance," said John.

"The Red Piano" returns to the resort's Colosseum theatre for performances that begin on July 23 and again on October 22. In November, John will return to Europe for performances in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and France.

To view a video of the performance see: YouTube.

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phil said...

My very best friend Marie and I saw the 200th show. Marie and Elton were the two best people I could spend a weekend with in Vegas! The depth of the Taupin/John songbook is remarkable. Some songs as frivolous as can be, others can't help but bring a tear to your eye. Thanks, Elton. Thanks, Marie.