Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More NZ News

Young cancer patients and their families will take time out with pop legend Sir Elton John after they were offered free tickets to his Auckland concert.

Sir Elton will perform at the Vector Arena on May 14.
Concert promoters offered the Child Cancer Foundation 100 tickets for young patients and their families.
Foundation spokesman, Russell Crackett said parents needed time out.

"It basically gives them the chance to lock out the outside world for a couple of hours and just switch off from the crap they have got to deal with and put themselves in a special sort place, forget the world and have a bit of fun."
Mr Crackett said it was not known whether Sir Elton would be told of the cancer patients or if he would acknowledge their presence.

It has also been stated that a limited amount of filler tickets will be offered to the public at NZD $150 to assist with low ticket sales.

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