Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1st Ever LATW in Australia

Australia has just held it's first Lunch Around The World in Melbourne, Australia on May 3, 2008.

Erol Ibrahim, has written a wonderful synopsis on the event:

And what a success it was, an absolutly wonderful time we all had there was memrobilia, Elton doll's, dvd's, cd's, clothing, stickers, wallets, and posters and many other items. We had auctions and raffles and trivia quizzes.

We had lots of music, pictures and fond memories of Elton and past shows and much discussions on up coming shows, and huge thank you to "Ian Molly Meldrum" for the lovely words he gave us, and for people who do not know "Molly" he is a very close freind of Elton's and we look forward to catching up with him in Sydney on the 12th May.

Last but not least all of the forum members/fans who participate in the night with out there help we wouldn't have raised more than a $1000 what an effort for our first event. Sydney we are coming to get you and hopefully you all can dig deep and help add to this figure!!

Keep a watchful eye Australia as this Lunch Around The World is about to become very big, with supporters from all over the place wishing to come on board, we wil keep you all informed, by the way you will see more information about our event and pictures in the coming weeks on the website.

More official press photo's and a personal review will follow soon.

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