Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Elton John Confirmed for Auckland, NZ!

The crooner, who has a career spanning four decades in the music industry, will play one show at Auckland's Vector Arena on May 14 with his full band, TV One's Midday News reported.

Sir Elton is a regular visitor to New Zealand. He last performed in New Zealand at New Plymouth's Bowl of Brooklands in December 2007.

He also performed in Wellington at the end of 2006.

Despite the frequent visits, the May concert will be Sir Elton's first show in Auckland in 10 years, saying it was something he has wanted to do since the venue opened.

John is expected to play a wide selection of his classic tracks, as well as songs from his most recent album, The Captain & The Kid.

Sir Elton's most well-known songs include Candle in the Wind, Bennie and the Jets and Rocket Man.
Tickets for the show go on sale on April 15 through


ruud9 said...

Hey, I finally bought the ticket of the hong kong concert...I am really looking forward to seeing him..By The way, How long do elton usually play? 90mins?/

Elton Fan said...

Hi there,

I'm very happy that you finally got a ticket to see Elton. I trust that your wait will be well worth it.

Elton performs an excellent concert and I would love to hear your comments on the concert.

To answer your question, he normally plays for 135 mins (minimum) to 205 mins.

This depends on how receptive the audience is, the set list, how many encores he chooses to play and the mood he is in on the night. He is known to play for up to 3hrs (at his 60th birthday concert).

So he really does make sure that the audience is happy!


Elton Fan said...

His 90 minute concerts are The Red Piano shows in Las Vegas which are specifically designed for a casino market.

The tour show will not be shorter than 120 minutes.

ruud9 said...
take a look on this web, it states that elton will be performing 90mins show...yes, I agree with you..I have seen his shows before.none of them did less than 2hrs..Just hope his show will last for 3 hrs as he did at Madison Square Garden..

ruud9 said...

How much do the tickets usually cost? I mean the most expensive one..I have made a reservation for the vip ticket which will be the first 10 rows. But it costs me a lot..It is 320 USD per ticket..
Is it normal or just for the Asia Tour? Anyway, the night will be fantastic and $325 is absolutely worthwhile.

ruud9 said...

Are you from Australia ? Will you be watching him in May?

ruud9 said...

Are you from Australia ? Will you be watching him in May?

ruud9 said...

Is there any way to see his performance with Elvis and the performance in the Hot pink party?