Friday, March 21, 2008

Elton Coming to Singapore, Seoul & Hong Kong Rumored

Elton loves Singapore so much he has requested a concert stop here for his latest Rocket Man - Number Ones tour, according to the Straits Times.

American concert organiser Live Nation's senior vice-president for Asia, Colleen Ironside, says:

''As Elton John very much enjoys coming to Singapore, he asked if it was possible to arrange a show in Singapore en route to Australia for performances there.''

The Briton last performed in the area in 1993 and 2001. The newest show will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on May 7.

Tickets for the show go on sale on March 28 at 9 a.m.

They are to be priced from $98 to $475.

It is also expected that Elton will shortly announce a date in Seoul, South Korea (The Flower Peace Festival has been proposed, Which includes performances by Rod Stewart and The Alan Parsons Project and will be held at Jamsil Olympic Stadium on May 4 & 5.)

Chugg Entertainment has revealed that Elton is looking at also including Hong Kong in his Asian Tour which will most likely include Darwin on May 17. Broome however, is more likely to be excluded from the tour due to poor interest, and may be replaced by Perth. 


ruud9 said...

Great! Looking forward to hearing more good news from you

ruud9 said...

As you have revealed elton will come to asia, I have been so excited since then.
By the way, What do you think about the possibilty of elton having a concert in Hong KOng?
I just really hope to hear the good news very soon.

Elton Fan said...

Hi There,

I cannot say if he will or will not play Hong Kong. It is currently rumoured, however as this will be his Asian tour through may, there is high possibility that more shows will be added, as only one of the four dates I proposed has been officially confirmed, there will definately be more and I am confident that Korea and possibly Japan ( Elton said he would return with the band when he performed last year) will be a part of this tour. His Australian promoter speculated that he would include Hong Kong, so I am confident that either Hong Kong or mainland China will be included.

Confirmed information should be available very soon.

Hope that helps.

ruud9 said...

Is it possible to hear the news of Asian Tour this week? I remembered Elton came to Asia in 2004, I bought ticket two months before the show.But now is just a month left, He still doesn't announce the details of the show.will he come? Or just rumour?

Elton Fan said...


As I am not in charge of making Elton's touring decisions, I am unable to inform you of when more Asian Tour dates will be released. Please contact for more information.

I anticipate that more dates will be announced, however I cannot say for where or when.