Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ticket Chaos in Pullman

LEWISTON - He's a rock superstar, and if you love Elton John's music, you were on edge Friday morning, as tickets went on sale for his big concert in Pullman this coming April.

"It's frustrating trying to get tickets," said Ginny Logsdon, a self-professed Elton John fan. "The server's too busy. You just keep trying and trying and eventually you get on, and they take all your information, and then blink you off and you're back where you started from. So, it's frustrating."

The feelin' inside Friday could have caused you some indigestion if you were an Elton John fan, like Ginny Logsdon.

The UI Ticket Office recommended going online to get your tickets rather than waiting in line to talk to a real person. But they weren't the only ones giving that advice.

Logsdon said her advice came from a family member.

"Well, my husband," she said. "But, that's the way that I guess most people get tickets for things anymore is the Internet. So, that's what we tried. It made sense, but it didn't work. So, here we are standing in line anyway."

It was just crazy. The Tickets West web site was crashing or inaccessible all morning for so many people, that some just gave up or headed to the closest outlet to stand in line as good seats disappeared left and right.

If you went to the Lewiston Rosauers, you were greeted by a little surprise. A sign that said "cash only."

So the ATM machine was busy. And some folks left and came back with big bucks, hoping to find a seat that wasn't behind the stage.

It ain't easy being a baby boomer fan of baby boomer Elton. In fact, despite Elton's plea to not go breaking hearts, some were being broken.

But everyone waitingn in line Friday seemed in good cheer and some even offered a song. Like Ginny Logsdon, who sang a little "Yellow Brick Road" for those waiting for a chance to see the man who had so much fun with "Susie", allegedly.

I think it's gonna be a long long time.

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