Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tenerife Review

Elton performed a one-off magical concert beneath the bright night sky of Tenerife, Spain. The venue was the Golf Costa Adeje Golf Course. An incredible stage was built on the golf course. A hole in the course had to be levelled in order for the 1,296 square meter artificial ampitheatre to be constructed. There's another 2,560 square meters backstage and, for those who love statistics, but not saving energy, it will use 226K watts of sound and 216K watts of lighting. Furthermore, ticket sales have "surpassed initial expectations" having reached 20,000 sales.

It was a warm night, and apart from some difficulties accessing the venue in time due to overcrowding, the show began promptly at 9pm. Elton altered the set list for this concert - Circle Of Life was swapped for The Bridge.

The audience was very excited to see Elton, who arrived direct from Abu Dhabi via private jet. This memorable, 'once in a lifetime' event for Adeje was very well recieved by the largely Spanish audience. It is not known if Elton spent the night in Tenerife or departed directly heading for home in London.


Anonymous said...

We were lucky enough to be at the show on Thursday evening and managed to get really close to the stage.What an event!!!Elton was on stage for ovet two and a half hours non-stop,and was obviously enjoying the night.What a bonus ending to a weeks holiday in the sun!Fantastic....definitely the ultimate showman,with a talented band too, and all for 35 euros each!!A chance of a lifetime.
Jan and Roger

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic show! Wouldn't have missed it for the world, even though the entrance took ages (Organisers need to address before next their venue / proper signage would have helped). People from the world over all got on well together under the strained circumstances. This was Tenerifes best ever concert, and what an artist to have on stage, THE MAN HIMSELF - SIR ELTON JOHN!!! Beware, the next artist to appear will have to excell him/herself to get anywhere near, although I doubt it. BACK to the concert, excellent value, great venue, great view for all around the amphitheatre set-up, ex-pat neil was great company - he plays golf all the while, lucky devil - cheers chappy, barmy weather, S. E. J. a true professional who stayed the whole time on stage for over two and a half hours singing an excellent repertoire of his back catalogue!!! (Youngsters nowadays burn up and disappear after a few numbers), the band were noted musicians who complimented S. E. J. as any true professionals can by being second to none. Finished our holiday on a very high note! Back home in blighty no one believed us, they thought we had seen a tribute act! Some tribute this was, and at 35 euros what value - egg on their faces now. THANK YOU 'ELTON' FOR A MOST MEMORABLE EVENINGS ENTERTAINMENT, WE SALUTE YOU.

Anonymous said...

It's like you took the words right out of my post. Oh, you did some of them. When you quote sources, it is usual to link. :)

Anonymous said...

We live in Tenerife, and both my wife and myself are avid Elton fans, couldnt believe he was actually coming to Tenerife, and he didnt let us down, what a fantastic, professional, artist. Unbelievable, it was a shame about the lack of organisation though.
By the way the concert was held in the council area of Adeje, and actually had nothing to do with Arona.
They will have to go a long way to beat this one.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic show, I still can't believe that we got ourself so close to the front of the stage!! Nearly 3 hours of outstanding music!!
Shame about the orginisation of the event as alot of people were not in when it started . . . the tenerife based company who orginised the event should make a big apology to Sir Elton and all his Fans, as bad reveiws are coming out because of it which i hope do not overshadow that wonderful night!!!!!!!!!

Elton Fan said...

Thankyou all so much for commenting. I appreciate your support. It sounds as though Elton and his fands in Adeje had an absolute ball!

Wayne said...

It was my last night of a week holiday and i decided to go. It said on the back of the ticket that no cameras etc were allowed. So i assumed that phones were not allowed. I decided to not take my phone and then when i got there i realised that nearly everyone had their phones etc. Was wondering if anyone knows if a dvd is being released. If not was wondering if anyone had any images and/or video footage that they could pass on to me as i didnt have chance to take any.

It was a great night apart from the trying to get into the event and i did miss the first two songs but apart from that it was well worth the money. Thanks Wayne

Anonymous said...

What a shwo. Enjoyed every second of it. I have heard (and saw) about the problems with entrance. Shame for those people who missed part of the concert.

And Wayne, if you go to you will find some pictures for download.

Elton Fan said...

I'm not certain if a DVD will be released. It may have been recorded simply for screening live footage on the projectors at the event.

However, it might also be released later or on Spanish television. Try sending an e-mail to the editor of asking if it will be released and explain why you would like a copy. They might be able to help.

There are plenty of clips on youtube also, if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

We were on our final night of the holiday and really looking forward to the concert.Left after 20 minutes due to fears about our safety.

Anonymous said...

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TenerifeBassBoy said...

Elton was great but it was a shame that it was organised by 5 year olds. Toilets had no lights (mostly), people with standing tickets were sitting in our seats (which we paid extra for), poor parking, poor signage, rude staff...the list could go on. May have well just stayed at home and listened to one of his albums with our eyes closed coz we couldnt really see him. Love Elton. Shame because it could have been so much better.

Elton Fan said...

I am very sorry to hear that some fans experienced a below par event at the Tenerife show. I am confident though, that Elton and the band's performance along with his technical crew's execution was up to standard.

Please remember that Elton's crew is essentially only in charge of the performance. They arrange the staging, sound, lighting, equipment and video.

The actual venue, facilities, seating and crowd control are managed by the promoter. In this instance the promoter - Canarias Sun Live Festival, has been unable to meet the expectations of its audience. As this was a major event located in a remote area, limited services must be expected. Furthermore, the promoter may have not been expecting such a large audience and may not have prepared adequately for them.

I hope this clarifies the responsibilities of the two parties involved in managing an event on this scale.

Thanks for taking the time to write.


carl and sandra said...

we arrived at the the concert at 1800hrs,although we were told by the guy who sold us the tickets not get there until 2000hrs,when arrived there were people already q,ing and we deceided to wait,there was no organiation outside the venue,by 2000hrs people were turning up and instead of going to to the back of the q were just standing standing around the gate trying to jump the q,when the gates opened around 8.30,you could see there was going to be mayhem,we were lucky enough to avoid it and got in safely,to be greeted by extreemly rude staff,we passed these and walked down towards the stage,bought two drinks for 10euros,and stood by the left side screen more or less underneth it,on the hill,elton arrived on stage at 9.00 prompt,we had a great veiw of the man himself, as he and his superb band,belted out all the classics he is very well known for,all in all a fantastic night,carl and sandra,liverpool uk