Friday, January 25, 2008

Elton To Perform With PNAU In London

A glowing endorsement from the rocker during his Australian tour in December has delivered an upcoming European tour for PNAU's Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes and, according to the Daily Telegraph, the opportunity to perform with the icon in hot London nightspot Fabric in March.

"It's definitely looking like it's going to be a good year for us," Littlemore observed.

"To get a leg up from Elton John is an awesome thing - made better because he's not one of those pompous rich guys, he's totally normal and into art and music."

Elton has pledged to transform PNAU from an underground dance duo to a top international act, and has so far managed to convince the Scissor Sisters and Lily Allen of the young men's talents.

In addition to performing their track With You Forever with Elton at Fabric, PNAU are also hoping to collaborate with Allen while they are in London.

What's more, PNAU's upcoming single Baby having been picked up as the track to accompany a multi-million dollar commercial for Dairy Farmers' Lite White milk, which will be launched tomorrow.

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