Friday, January 4, 2008

Elton Is The Happiest He's Ever Been

Sir Elton John has apparently revealed how his relationship with David Furnish is the first "50-50" pairing he's had.

According to the Evening Standard, it seems Elton took charge in his previous relationships, with the music legend admitting: "Before, I took hostages. You know, they were 90-10, 'you're coming with me', 'you'll get a Versace shirt and a Cartier watch and you're coming with me' and at the end of the six months, they hated my guts and quite rightly so."

And Sir Elton apparently added in the Sky Arts channel interview that the 12-year pairing is "the happiest relationship I've ever had".

"He's brought so much to my life, it's a 50-50 relationship," the rocker reportedly said. "It's been one of the great journeys of being sober and clean, you have to be confrontational. I hate confrontation - I always used to hate it and being in a relationship is all about communication and he's very good at that with me."

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