Friday, November 30, 2007

Elton Show "Half-Alive"

ELTON JOHN has publicly, and correctly, pilloried pop stars such as his erstwhile friend Madonna, whom he believes don't sing live or rely on augmented/taped material to perform. John has always sung live, and while his now deeper voice no longer hits those high notes, it is still powerful and descriptive.

Likewise, his music has returned to the style and, to a certain extent, the quality of his glory days in the 1970s. You can see that in the way this decade's albums have pulled back from studio "add-ons", those bells and whistles meant to distract from the fact the basic material isn't up to scratch, in favour of the simplicity of good songs.

And lest there be any doubt about possible shirking of responsibilities by a man who is in his 61st year, his shows go well past the two-hour mark, with no interval and only occasional pauses between the 30-odd songs to take applause or sip on a drink.

David Beckham's bandwagon also attended the Acer Arena concert, where he went backstage to meet Elton John, before watching his show from a private suite.

So, is there some moral equivalence happening here when John, playing what is advertised as a "solo" show at the piano, regularly uses prerecorded beds of synthesisers (presumably triggered offstage) to thicken the sound? By thicken I mean intrusive, sometimes overwhelming washes, which subsumed the live piano with cheap, electronically generated sounds. And what are we to make of taped backing vocals bobbing up in the mix in the style of an R&B pop act?

Does he doubt that his songs can carry the show on their own? They can. We're talking Roy Rogers, Tiny Dancer, The Greatest Discovery and The Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes, after all.

Does he think his playing isn't up to it? It is. Does he think we will get bored with just voice and piano? We won't. Or at least we didn't until a ponderous bracket into the third hour where long piano introductions folded into flat versions of Blue Eyes, Take Me To The Pilot, Levon and a half-alive Bennie And The Jets.

Strange choices. Strange night.

Elton Plays Canberra Tonight!

Site manager Matt Harris, along with 80 other workers, was kept busy at Commonwealth Park yesterday preparing it for Sir Elton John's first Canberra concert tonight.

"I've been here since Monday," Mr Harris said, "when we laid the ground out. Tuesday, the marquee turned up and we put the scaffolding in; Wednesday, the seats rolled in and the generators were brought up. The piano arrives today [Thursday]."

At noon yesterday, though, there was no piano and no hint of celebrity glamour, just a lot of hard work taking place with the crew working 14- to 16-hour days to ensure everything is ready.
Giant screens on the sides of the stage stood silent and dark, waiting for tonight when they will play their part in entertaining the people who will fill the sea of white plastic chairs 7700 of them and the general admission area, which will accommodate at least another 1500 fans.

Sir Elton will arrive on his private plane, after Mr Harris and the other workers have finished, and he'll be on to his next venue, in the Hunter Valley, while they're dismantling their hard work.

"I've been doing it for seven years, full time, with my own company, Global Events Management," Mr Harris said.

He's worked for Sir Elton's promoter, Michael Chugg, before, on Robbie Williams, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, WaveAid and other tours and events.

He said the most important part of his job was simply, "Getting it ready; making sure it gets started on time ... making sure it's all set in place before the doors open."

When he's finished here, by Tuesday, Mr Harris will be taking some time off for a special production of his own: his wife, Tania, is expecting their first child on December 8.

Sir Elton John is performing in The Rocket Man Solo Tour at Stage 88, Commonwealth Park, tonight. The gates will open at 5pm with Eran James performing from 6.55pm and Sir Elton from 8pm. Tickets are still available from Ticketek on 132849 or log on to for details.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

7 Days Until The Rocketman Lands in NZ!

Next Thursday December 6th at 8pm NZT, Sir Elton John will take the stage at New Plymouth's TSB Bowl of Brooklands. This show will feature the Strike Percussion group, an incredible special effects and lighting package, a unique lakeside setting, and of course Elton at a piano playing hit after hit. Who could ask for more?

A handful of tickets remain to Elton's one off New Zealand concert as part of his Asia Pacific Rocket Man Solo: A Knight Under The Stars Tour. Tickets can be purchased at Ticketek. The show features mega screen projections of the man in action, a bridge built across the lake enabling him to meet the audience and the park in which the stage is located will be lit up with lanterns, lights and Christmas effects to further blow the audience away.

I will be attending this show, and would love to meet any other fans of Elton at the concert, look out for me - I will be in Block X of the Diamond Seating. Furthermore, to everyone viewing the Elton John News site, please note there will be no updates from December 5th to 7th. But expect a thorough review and pictures when I return.

Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the visitors the site has had over the last six months in operation, the site has experienced phenomenal growth and I have received many positive comments from the public. As it is continually evolving, I have new features lined up to be introduced soon and watch out for the Christmas decorations being put up shortly.

If you have any comments or suggestions I would love to hear from you:

Thank you again for the loyal support!, and please support Elton on his fantastic solo tour.

Paul Jelicich
EJN Editor

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Elton's Sydney Extravaganza

SIR Elton John has dedicated his Sydney concert to Australian EMI music executive Ken East who died on the weekend.

Before opening the sold-out show at Sydney's Acer Arena, Sir Elton said the night was a special one because it was the first time he had played in Sydney alone.

But he said it was also special because of the recent death of a good friend.

"Tonight is also very special because I want to dedicate the whole show to a friend of mine who passed away on Sunday: Ken East," Elton said.

"Ken was probably without a doubt one of the greatest record men I have ever met.

"He was a great man. He was also a great Australian, which is more important."

Sir Elton said that while East spent much of his time overseas, he always called Australia home.

"His great love was to come back here by the bay and look out over the ocean," he said.

"That's where he died, looking out over his beloved Sydney Harbour.

"I was so pleased to be able to be here to say goodbye to him."

Sir Elton dedicated the concert to East and his wife Dolly.

"I hope he gives me the inspiration to play well for all you who I love so much," he said.

He then launched into one of his best loved hits, Your Song.

Sydney is the fourth stop on the 60-year-old's Australian tour, called A Knight Under The Stars.

Speculation was rife in the audience that tonight might also be special because David Beckham was also watching, after the singer greeted the soccer superstar at a party earlier this week.

But if Beckham came he did not show himself publicly.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Elton Plays Acer Arena Tonight!

To everyone attending Elton's Sydney concert tonight at the Acer Arena, have a fantastic evening!

Above is a clip of Elton playing Candle In The Wind Solo at Elysian Fields, Canungra.

Please remember Elton may begin his performance earlier than expected, so don't be late! There are no intermissions, and if you are looking for an autograph get ready to go to the stage after Blue Eyes just before he kicks off Levon. Security will remove barricades at this time.

If you are looking for merchandise be prepared for lines and high costs. Programmes are similar to the Standard US/UK Rocketman Tour and are roughly $35AU and come in a printed signed Elton bag. Shirts are around $50AUD and some other items are available.

Elton At David Beckham's Party

ELTON JOHN loves surprises. For his solo concert in south-east Queensland on Sunday night - the first of 10 - the pop icon walked on stage 15 minutes early and launched into Your Song while most people were still parking their cars.

The whispers had been circulating all week but it was only fitting that Sir Elton be the surprise guest at the glamorous cocktail soiree for another mock-royal, David Beckham. John and his husband, David Furnish, are good friends with the superstar footballer and his fashion plate wife, Victoria Beckham. Sir Elton John made a brief appearance in a private room with Beckham and other players. Since the Beckhams moved to Los Angeles, John and Furnish have been to visit and have also hosted the Beckhams at their London home.

Back in 1986 John was surprising Aussie audiences for very different reasons. According to a Herald review of his December 14 Sydney show with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the audience was flabbergasted by John's elaborate costumes and "pronounced sense of camp". But it wasn't just his onstage antics that attracted attention. During his visit Elton put hotels and bottleshops into a spin, demanding 72 bottles of Cristal champagne for his personal assistant's birthday bash at the Melbourne Hilton. A statewide search unearthed only 48 bottles, not nearly enough for the pop king. The Sydney Hilton was called in, scouring NSW for another 24 bottles, which were promptly flown south at an all-up cost $235.10 a bottle.

His luggage was another talking point. He reportedly brought 40 trunks of personal clothes, including two trunks of glasses and four of hats, from London. Another odd tag-along was his wife, Renate Blauel, whom he married in Sydney on Valentine's Day, 1984. To cap off his outrageous visit, he referred to the former prime minister Malcolm Fraser as a "lousy lay" before blowing more than $25,000 on Ken Done sketches.

Tomorrow a much mellower John will perform his Sydney show - at the ACER Arena - before heading to Canberra, the Hunter Valley, Townsville, Launceston and Werribee on Melbourne's outskirts.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Elton's Personal Tickets On Sale Now

The Rocket Man has officially landed in Australia and is already receiving rave reviews following his two stunning concerts over the weekend in both Barossa Valley in South Australia and Elysian Fields in South East Queensland.

Elton’s team have also just confirmed that they have released some of their personal ticket holds – these tickets are generally held for the artist guests but in this instance it has been decided to put some tickets back on sale for the general public. Be quick to snap up these great seats to be a part of Australia’s most eagerly awaited tours in years - The Rocket Man Solo Tour, just Sir Elton and a piano.

Elton John is an astounding performer, a brilliant composer, and a wonderful musician, richly deserving his acclaim as one of the world’s greatest showmen of all time, and the generous praise he has already received following the first two shows of his current tour.

This is a rare opportunity to hear one of the world’s greatest pop musicians in some of the most beautiful locations in Australia. Be quick to secure your tickets and see what all the fuss is about.


Elton Shopping in Sydney

ELTON John did his bit for the local economy on Friday, stocking up on Aussie music and shocking staff at the Virgin Megastore in Martin Place when he dropped by for a CD binge.

With two bodyguards and an assistant in tow, Elton hit the store - and hard, with the music star filling the arms of his attending entourage with new releases.

Heading for the Christmas stockings of his friends were a few festive finds. He asked for and snapped up Olivia Newton-John's new seasonal CD.

A Confidential source said a staff member then told him about Kylie Minogue's new album, which had just arrived, and "his eyes lit up as he said: 'I'll take five copies'."

One shelf elf said: "Elton was pleasant and gracious to all, including some fans who recognised him."

Canungra Review

THE Rocket Man, Sir Elton John, last night delivered what must rank as one of the most brilliant displays of musical genius seen on the Gold Coast with a two-hour celebration of his career -- in a Canungra horse paddock.

It was about as far away as you could get from playing before royalty, but the Elysian polo fields were transformed into a $5 million world-class music theatre as 10,000 people from across Queensland and further afield sang the night away to the music legend's greatest hits.

Sir Elton caught many by surprise when he strode out on to the stage 15 minutes early.

The low-key entrance sent the crowd into raptures with a standing ovation.

Sir Elton didn't let the crowd down with his outfit. The man who has sold more than 250 million records graced the stage in a purple shirt and eye-catching black suit that included a massive jukebox embroidered on the back with the words 'Music Magic'.

The front of the suit featured an embroidered image of Sir Elton standing on a rocket keyboard.

After he walked on to the stage, Sir Elton bowed to the crowd, waved and gave them a good look at his outfit, front and back.

He said nothing before taking a sip of water and launching into the opening number, Your Song.

Dressed in sequined tails, the British rock legend treated the rustic Hinterland conditions with humour – at one point, sweeping errant Christmas beetles of his piano with a raucous "get off".

After the song he told the crowd of his excitement at doing his first solo tour of Australia.

"Thank you very much, it's great to be here," he said.

"I thank you all for the loyalty and love you have shown me for so long. Being an old Pommie poof, I love it over here."

"The next song is rather appropriate because it's how old I am."

Sir Elton then burst into a rendition of Sixty Years On.

The concert gave the audience an insight into his musical genius -- there were no backing singers, no band, no electronic mixes, just Sir Elton and a piano.

It was simple and it worked.

The man, believed to be worth $500 million, said little throughout the concert other than to explain what some songs meant.

Sir Elton also made the most of the intimate conditions, stopping to accept flowers from the crowd in between songs and blowing kisses to the audience.

It was a far cry from his earlier career when concerts were music and dance extravaganzas.

The evening was a win for the Gold Coast and surrounding Hinterland, which showed the nation the city is capable of hosting the world's biggest stars.

Elysian polo fields looked a picture and as images of the venue were beamed on the big screen, it was easy to imagine the concert was at a major international city, not a country horse venue.

There were some who complained about the length of lines for food and alcohol, which at times were over 50m long, but the venue worked well.

It was Sir Elton's second performance of an 11-show boutique tour of Australia which includes wineries and a football stadium.

A convoy of 30 trucks transformed the Elysian Fields into a world-class concert arena, including a customised dressing room with couches, drapes and dozens of red roses specifically requested by Sir Elton.

The multimillion-dollar set will be pulled down this morning as Sir Elton continues his tour, which will include performances from the Barossa Valley in South Australia to Townsville in north Queensland.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Elton Plays The Gold Coast Tonight!

IT'S been 19 years in the making but finally another superstar has made it to the Gold Coast for an outdoor show. Elton John will take to the stage in the Gold Coast Hinterland this afternoon.

IT'S been 19 years in the making but finally another superstar has made it to the Gold Coast for an outdoor show.

Not since Frank Sinatra sang I Did It My Way at Sanctuary Cove in 1988 has there been a star as great as Sir Elton John and the set-up at Canungra is leaving nothing to chance.

Workmen have been putting in 10-hour days to set up a stage with equipment estimated to be worth about $5 million.

The promoter's production representative, Colin Skals, said everything was running smoothly.

"We've spent the last five days setting the stage up and there are about 20 men who have been working 10-hour days to get it ready in time," he said.

"We always get the stages set up in time and Elton's demands have been quite reasonable."

Mr Skals said the superstar had not behaved like a prima donna and there was nothing 'out of the ordinary' in his list of demands -- except for the dozens of red roses.

"He has a thing for roses but everything else is quite normal," he said.

"I have to set up for a lot of artists and see a lot of backstage requests and there was nothing over the top about his list -- I was quite disappointed."

The site has 7000 seats tied together so they don't get knocked over by fans during the concert.

Mr Skals has been involved in the project for six months and he did not think Queensland had ever seen such a huge single act outside of Brisbane.

"I think it's a good reflection on Elton that he would come all the way out here just to perform for his fans," he said.

The only production that could be compared to the concert at the Elysian Fields was the Ultimate Event that Frank Sinatra hosted to open Sanctuary Cove in the 1980s.

At the time he was the biggest star to ever perform on the Gold Coast.

Since then the convention centre has opened and attracted big names such as The Veronicas and Missy Higgins -- but none has compared in stature to Elton.

Mr Skals said while the audience would be enjoying hits such as Your Song and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, he would be preparing to tear down the five days of hard work on Monday.

"We have to be prepared to get out of here in an orderly fashion otherwise other shows will be affected," he said.

"But we are ready for any conditions, we've laid down aluminium on the ground so if it does rain the semi-trailers will still be able to get in and out. The show always goes on."

Elton will be playing 10 shows across Australia ranging from the Barossa Valley in South Australia to Townsville in North Queensland.

But, he will only be using two different sets of equipment so after each show the stage has to be dismantled and quickly taken to the next location, where it will take five days to set up again.

"It's an expensive show and a massive effort but it will all be worth it on the night," said Mr Skals.

Barossa Review

TANUNDA: On a dusty summer evening the Rocket Man landed in the Barossa Valley.

Elton John

Barossa Under The Stars

The normally flambuoyant Elotn John materialised on stage without fanfare to deliver a vintage performance Peter Lehmann would have savoured.

In embroidered tails with minimal bling and the essential sunglasses, Elton seemed at peace with his world and his audience.

This was Elton the pianist, the composer, the superstar without enhancement.

Playing a solitary grand piano, Elton was out to remind us he didn't need the embellishments of a band, the bitch was back and stone cold sober as a matter of fact.

He opened with Your Song and the love flowed both ways for the rest of the amazing evening.

Out came the hits in longer and more loving versions than on the many albums.

With songs like Daniel and Tiny Dancer, Elton showed why the sun won't be going down on his career for a long time.

His love of music was unabashed, his playing was superb and his voice has matured like very fine wine.

As the sun set and the lights came up he kicked in with Honky Cat and showed he loved his music just as much as the thousands of fans, privileged to be there.

Then came Rocket Man and went right through the stratosphere without a stratocaster in sight, it was just Elton and his piano.

The fun, the style and the social conscience were all there as his impassioned version of Ticking reminded us that his music has other messages.

As he wore his heart on his sleeve with John Howard's anthem, Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word and a government changed hands, Elton lifted the show another notch.

Philadelphia Freedom and Nikita were as fresh as ever and it seemed he could go on all night.

Eventually he was Still Standing for the big finale and the Circle Of Life with vision from The Lion King completed a marvellous evening in a terrific venue.

The biggest highlight was Elton singing Electicity from the musical Billy Elliott which opens in Sydney very soon – a spine-tingling preview from a musical theatre composer with a rock and roll heart.

No wonder he's still standing – come back soon!

The setlist for this show was identical to that performed at both Tokyo dates.


David Beckham and his team will be guests at Foxtel studios on Monday night, where Elton John is expected to be a special guest.

Townsville Gets Makeover for Elton

THE smell of liniment will be replaced by the scent of roses when Elton John plays Townsville next week.

The visitors' changing room at Dairy Farmers Stadium has been allocated to the flamboyant rocker for his first foray into provincial Queensland.

But the surrounds of the spartan dressing room – "the sheds" in football-talk – will be nothing like those experienced on NRL match day by visiting rugby league giants.

Its bland walls and footy lockers will make way for new wall panels, furnishings and fittings to create backstage accommodation to the level of luxury expected by one of pop music's most enduring icons.

Customised curtains, carpet, couches, lighting, tables and chairs have been ordered to make the rock knight feel at home.

All changing facilities at the stadium will be used by performers, management and staff on the night, and "it was just the way it turned out" that Sir Elton ended up in the visitors' room, officials said. It's also closer to the stage.

Concert organisers declined to outline the 60-year-old's exact demands for his appearance, but a local florist will be enlisted to decorate his dressing room with large arrangements. And if past rules prevail, the stipulation will be "no chrysanthemums, carnations, daisies or lilies".

His requests at past concerts have included 80 fresh towels, 40kg of ice and for the room to be cooled to a set temperature.

"Remember that he is a true professional, so he likes to have a dressing room that he is comfortable with," said managing director for promoter Chugg Entertainment, Matthew Lazarus Hall.

Sir Elton will fly into Townsville by private jet just hours before the concert, and will be back on the plane headed for Sydney shortly after his final bow.

"He gets there early and does his own sound checks. He's very committed to putting on the best show he can," Mr Hall said. A sellout crowd of 21,000 is expected to turn out for the five-time Grammy winner on December 4.

The concert will be almost twice as big as any other of the nine shows he will play during his solo tour, which kicked off in South Australia's Barossa Valley last night and moves to the Gold Coast's Elysian polo fields today.

Townsville fans lobbied hard to lure the megastar to the north. Devotees Rhonda Thomson and June Maxwell have ordered special outfits from the US to ensure they stand out in the crowd.

"We're all going in costume. Really over-the-top stuff like big fluffy hats, long coats in pink and purple and quite a lot of glitter, and huge glasses with jewels," Ms Thomson said.

To stage the 2½ hour concert, more than 30 semi-trailers and 100 crew will bring the show north. It takes five days to erect and two days to dismantle a huge 60mx45m stage – one of three used on the tour – plus two super-screens and technical equipment. Flooring and more than 9000 chairs will be trucked in.

Instead of the standard pie and chips normally sold at the stadium during a Cowboys home game, fans will dine on Asian, German and Polynesian cuisines as well as seafood supplied by local restaurateurs and caterers.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Elton Plays Adelaide Tonight!

IN town tonight for his Rocket Man Tour, music legend Elton John is rumoured to be heading to the concert at the Barossa Arts and Convention Centre via helicopter.

No doubt taking in the sights of the various vineyards along the way the Rocket Man shall be arriving to the concert in true rock star fashion. Here only last December, right, Elton returns on a night that could be one of the last concerts held under the current Coalition government.

For all those who are in two minds over a night under the stars with Elton John or a night on the couch with Kerry O'Brien – fear not, you can do both.

All the action (or lack thereof) will be shown on big screens either side of the stage before Elton's show.

In what has been some of the most intense advertising campaigns the public has seen, it seems there is no escape from this election. Well, that is until the Rocket Man pulls their plug and takes to the stage – thank you Elton. If we're gonna head into a new government, why not do it with Elton John and a 10,000 strong crowd.

Excellent tickets are still available to the concert tonight from Venuetix and at the gate.

To everyone going to Elton's first solo show in Australia tonight, have a fantastic evening!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Elton's In Australia!

A 'MINI city' will be built at Canungra over the next few days and it is all for one man -- and 10,000 of his fans.

As Sir Elton John prepares for his Australian 'boutique' tour, the venues are getting ready for him.

A convoy of 30 trucks will roll in to the Elysian Fields to set up a stage, dressing room, parking lots, seats and lighting, a mammoth task that will take about 300 people five days to complete.

The dressing room has been customised specifically for Sir Elton with couches, drapes and the flowers he is famous for having around him when he tours.

"We're not going to say the exact details of the flower arrangements but there is a very, very lucky florist on the Gold Coast," said managing director of Chugg Entertainment Matthew Lazarus-Hall.

"Setting up for the concert is like building a mini city though."

As well as having his own private dressing room set up in venues all over Australia, Elton will be flying over in his private jet and basing himself in Sydney, flying in an out of each city for the concerts.

"It's going to be an absolutely fantastic show and it is a unique opportunity to see a huge entertainer outside the confines of an entertainment centre's walls," said Mr Lazarus-Hall.

"The Elysian Fields are a perfect place though and it will be a great concert."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Elton John Solo New Zealand Show Info

On Thursday 6 December Elton John will thrill audiences at the TSB Bowl of Brooklands. Capital C Concerts in association with Venture Taranaki would like to ensure your experience is an enjoyable one right down to making your entry and use of the venue as straight forward as possible. Please read the following details carefully.

Gates open at 6.00pm with the first act Strike Percussion starting at 7.30pm.

If you are a GOLD TICKET HOLDER (value of ticket = $155 + service fee)

  • Please enter the TSB Bowl by either the Brooklands Road – Gate C on attached map or Kaimata Street entrance – Gate B on attached map. Gates will open at 6.00pm.
  • There is parking available in the surrounding streets to both the Brooklands Road and Kaimata Street entrances.
  • The GOLD AREA toilets – T3, T4, T5 and bar B2 are highlighted on the map over the page.

If you are a PLATINUM TICKET HOLDER (value of ticket = $265 + service fee)

  • Please enter the TSB Bowl by the Raceway entrance on Coronation Avenue – Gate A on attached map or the Dell entrance Gate D on attached map by walking through Pukekura Park, which you can enter from Fillis Street. If entering by Gate A – Coronation Ave the driveway going down to the Raceway Bowl entrance will be not accessible to ticket holders until 6.00pm when the gates open. Queuing will occur in the car park at the top of the driveway. Parking is available at the Raceway and surrounding streets.
  • The PLATINUM AREA toilets T1, T2, T6 and bars B1, B3 are highlighted on the map over the page.

If you are a DIAMOND TICKET HOLDER (value of ticket = $375+ service fee)

  • Please enter the TSB Bowl by the Raceway entrance on Coronation Road – Gate A on attached map or the Dell entrance Gate D on attached map by walking through Pukekura Park which you can enter from Fillis Street. If entering by Gate A – Coronation Ave the driveway going down to the Raceway Bowl entrance will be not accessible to ticket holders until 6.00pm when the gates open. Queuing will occur in the car park at the top of the driveway. Parking is available at the Raceway and surrounding streets.
  • The DIAMOND AREA toilets T1, T2, T6 and bars B1, B3 are highlighted on the map over the page.

General Information
Disabled Access
Disabled drop off service will be operating from the Kaimata street entrance from 5.30pm until 7.30pm please book this service through Ticketek. Ph 06 759-0021.

Ticket Pick-Ups
Pre-purchased tickets can be collected from the Brooklands Park Dr entrance only, see ticket pick up on map. You will then have to walk through to your designated area from this entrance.

Full catering services are also available at the venue, adjacent to the bar locations. Due to the numbers who will be attending the concert picnics are probably not easily laid out on the ground.

There will be full bar services provided at the venue. It is not a BYO event. Security staff may ask to search patrons’ bags prior to entry. EFTPOS is available at bars. Refer to the map to find the bar closest to your ticket area.

To ensure the safety of all patrons, there is to be no glass bought into the Bowl

Portable chairs and Umbrella's
For the viewing benefit of all please leave all chairs at home. This is a GA Standing event.

Festival of the Lights
The TSB Bank Festival of Lights in Pukekura Park adjacent to the Bowl will be turned on at the end of the concert. Exit by the Dell entry to the left of the stage will take you through the park so viewing of the lights can occur.

The Mobar sells Elton John Merchandise and is the info centre for "WEHAVETHESHOT.COM" CONCERT PHOTOS. Please view the attached map – Mobar- Merchandise for the location of this retail experience.

Patrons are reminded that all camera or recording equipment is strictly prohibited.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these important details which will help to make a memorable venue experience for you. Capital C Concerts in association with Venture Taranaki look forward to welcoming you to Brooklands Park and the TSB Bowl of Brooklands for the much anticipated Elton John concert.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Elton's Solo Tour Set List

Below is the expected set list for Elton's Rocketman Solo Tour. Some songs may be added, subtracted or replaced by the following though: The Bridge, The One, Burn Down The Mission, Crocodile Rock.
  • Your Song
  • Sixty Years On
  • The Greatest Discovery
  • I Need You To Turn To
  • Border Song
  • The Boy in the Red Shoes
  • Daniel
  • Honky Cat
  • Rocket Man
  • Tiny Dancer
  • Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
  • Nikita
  • Philadelphia Freedom
  • Sacrifice
  • Ticking
  • Roy Rogers
  • Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
  • Candle in the Wind
  • I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues
  • Electricity
  • Carla/Etude
  • Tonight
  • Take Me to the Pilot
  • Blue Eyes
  • Levon
  • Bennie and the Jets
  • Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

  • I'm Still Standing
  • Circle of Life

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Elton's Solo Tour Begins Tonight!

Elton will be kicking off his eagerly awaited solo tour tonight at 7pm sharp in the Budokan, Tokyo, Japan.

Almost six years ago to the day, Elton and the band played The Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, during the 2001 Songs From The West Coast Tour. Since 1988 he has played The Budokan seven times - with the band, with Ray Cooper and with Eric Clapton - but 2007 will be the first time he has played there alone.

More Australian Tickets Available Now

In five nights the Rocket Man will touch down and commence one of Australia’s most eagerly awaited tours in years – The Rocket Man Solo Tour, just Sir Elton and a piano. Commencing in The Barossa Valley on Saturday 24 November, this tour will see Elton John perform both indoors and under the stars in some of the most exquisite and breathtaking venues across the country.

When this tour was first announced only five shows were confirmed, but demand for seats was enormous and it was only a matter of time before those five shows became ten. Now, following recent visits by the production team to each venue, it has been confirmed that more seats can be added and these have been put on-sale immediately. This new release of tickets includes shows that were previously sold out.

Elton John is an astounding performer, a brilliant composer, and a wonderful musician, richly deserving his acclaim as one of the world’s greatest showmen of all time. Having sold over 250 million albums worldwide, and a career that has kept him at the top of the charts for over 35 years, these solo concerts will be a magical way to experience and enjoy the brilliance of Elton John’s music. To celebrate his recent 60th birthday, and decades as an entertainer, Elton John played to a sell-out crowd at New York’s famous Madison Square Garden for the 60th time, an all time box office record.

Melbourne teen and local soul sensation, Eran James, has been confirmed as the support act for Sir Elton John’s tour. Eran, known for his honest and heartfelt tunes, has just released his much anticipated sophomore album, “10 Songs About Love”.

This is a rare opportunity to hear one of the world’s greatest pop musicians, with one of Australia’s most exciting emerging talents in some of the most beautiful locations in Australia. Be quick to secure your tickets.


Show Info Out Now...



Saturday, November 17, 2007

Elton's Tenerife Concert Threatened Again

ROCK superstar Sir Elton John will be coming to Tenerife after all. And this time it will be in the south of the island.

After the abortive attempt by Santa Cruz city council to book him for an open-air seafront concert in the island's capital, he will now be appearing on January 24.

Canarian promoters Sun Live Festival announced yesterday, Wednesday, that he will appear at the Olympic Stadium, Arona, and it was confirmed on the megastar's own website.

But The Tenerife Sun has been told the venue has been changed to Costa Adehe Golf, in a specially prepared amphitheatre on the driving range, with room for 50,000.

Unlike with the premature claim by Santa Cruz deputy mayor, Angel Llanos, to have booked him for November 17, this new arrangement looks certain to go ahead.

Contracts have been signed and the fee has been paid upfront, according to our sources. Sir Elton is expected to bring his big band show direct from a date in Johannesburg.

Tickets, at $35 standing, $90 standing at the front and $120 seated, are expected to become available through his website or from the usual sources before this weekend.
Ring 902 056492, Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm for details.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Elton John's AIDA Coming to China

They're tapping their toes all across China after experiencing the Tony Award-winning sensation, 42nd Street. The smash hit musical swept onto the stage of the Beijing Exhibition Centre Theatre Wednesday night after touring through Shanghai, Nanjing and Wuhan. The production is the first major Broadway production ever to tour extensively through China.

Every year since 2002, one or two musicals have been introduced to Chinese audiences. There was "Notre Dame" from France. "Cats" and "The Phantom of the Opera" came from London's West End.

The presentation of live Broadway theater is still very much in its infancy in China. But this baby is growing fast. American theatrical producers believe there is huge potential for selling the Broadway brand name to the Chinese market.

The Nederlander New Century hopes to follow the quickly with Chinese tours of other iconic musicals, including Tim Rice and Elton John's Broadway adaptation of "Aida".

More Townsville Tickets On Sale Now!

Already biggest night of his Rocket Man Solo Tour – A Knight Under the Stars; Sir Elton John’s December 4 concert at North Queensland’s Dairy Farmers Stadium, this morning just got bigger.

Promoter, Chugg Entertainment’s Managing Director, Matthew Lazarus Hall, in Townsville to discuss with business, government and media enterprises the future of concerts the calibre of Elton in the North; this morning on location at Dairy Farmers Stadium, announced and explained the release of 1,321 silver grandstand production seats which will go on sale from Ticketek on Monday.

“Being able to make more seated tickets available to the North is great news,” said Lazarus Hall. “We’ve basically been sold-out here since we went on sale in August and now people who think they missed out have another chance to be part of this historic event.”

Elton John fans should go to, phone 132 849 or line-up in-person for counter sales from the Townsville Civic Theatre, the Ticket Shop at Centro Townsville or from the Taipans in Cairns from 9am on Monday.

“We scrambled in those couple of days after our August 27 on-sale to make available what we could and North Queensland sold more than 18,500 Elton John concert tickets,” said Lazarus Hall.

“We never wanted to sell a ticket that wasn’t good or we thought might not see the stage clearly. On the technical specs (specifications) our team were working from we had a massive lighting tower positioned on the field that was really tall and precluded the centre seats in the eastern grandstand from having good sight-lines to the stage.”

Lazarus Hall commented production-seat-releases were “standard practice” for any concert but stressed the release of great seats, like the ones going on sale Monday for Elton John’s Dairy Farmers concert, often didn’t happen until the day before, or day-of, a concert.

“It’s a real credit to our production team that they worked closely with Elton’s camp to find a solution and which puts not all, but a good portion of the upper level of the eastern grandstand seats, more than 1,000 of them, back into play for sale to the fans,” he said.

Lazarus Hall confirmed more than 1,000 “Blanket On The Ground” Bronze GA tickets were available for sale.

Blanket On The Ground tickets, categorised on Ticketek’s website as Bronze GA (General Admission), are selling for just $90 (plus fees) and are located on the famous grassed hills at Dairy Farmers Stadium.

“The guys here tell me they haven’t been able to build a grandstand on the Stadium’s hills because Cowboys’ fans love the hills,” he said.

“When we introduced the Blanket On The Ground tickets we were delighted we could offer a unique concert-going experience that was quintessentially ‘North Queensland’.

“We think they’re great.”

More than 2,700 tickets can now be purchased to Elton John’s North Queensland concert and it is expected, if all sell, the North will finish with an audience in excess of 21,500.

Dairy Farmers Stadium Todd Harris advised that on-site car-parking would not be available to any patron who did not hold a pre-purchased car-parking ticket.

“No car-parking tickets will be sold on the night of the Elton John concert,” he said.

Limited parking is available in the North and Eastern car parks. Vehicles will not be allowed entry without a car parking ticket. Car-parking tickets are available from Ticketek ( or 132 849) until Saturday November 24, or until sold out, at a cost of $15 per vehicle.


Take a look at a detailed information and show time sheet for both concerts.



Thursday, November 15, 2007

WIN Front Row Tickets & A Signed Elton Piano

The Gold Coast Bulletin is giving you the chance to WIN front row seats to see Elton John perform at Elysian Fields, Sunday November 25.

For your chance to WIN FRONT ROW TICKETS (2 double Gold Passes to be won) Plus "Live at Madison Square Garden" -DVD collectors box!

Simply collect 2 of Elton's Album covers (1 published daily from 15th to 20th November) attach them to the entry coupon (published daily from November 15th to 20th) and send them to 'Elton John Competition" P.O. Box 4999, GCMC 9726.

There is also 5 consolation prizes of DOUBLE SILVER TICKETS & "Rocket Man - Definitive Collection CD".

IMAGINE tinkling the ivories on your very own Elton John-autographed white Yamaha baby grand piano.

In one of the most exciting competitions the Townsville Bulletin has ever run one lucky reader will win this amazing piano.

The white Yamaha baby grand with its very special signature will take pride of place and become an amazing conversation piece in someone's home.

The competition, run in association with Yamaha Music Australia, will start in Saturday's newspaper with an entry form for readers to cut out.

Readers will then have to collect a coupon from the Bulletin every day next week to enter the competition.

The winner will be announced on the night of Sir Elton's North Queensland concert after the support act has performed.

It is believed this will be the world's first white Yamaha baby grand piano signed by Sir Elton.

He's taken the signing pen out before on six black Yamaha pianos and also a limited-edition release of 50 red pianos produced for Yamaha.

One of those red pianos was sold recently for more than US$50,000.

The Townsville Bulletin's readers are the only fans singled out by Sir Elton during his Australian tour for this very special treat.

The Rocket Man Solo Tour date for Townsville has been labelled a coup for North Queensland by industry insiders and is expected to attract even more big-name acts to the city in the future.

GAY Celebrates 15 Years with EJAF

& More To Hopefully Be Announced
To Benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation With A Guaranteed Donation Of £10,000
Hosted by promoter Jeremy Joseph, G-A-Y celebrates 15 years on the 1st December along with the anniversary of 20 years of World AIDS Day. To commemorate the occassion, G-A-Y Club presents a special line up of amazing stars and talent to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.
G-A-Y is London’s (and some say Europe’s) largest gay and lesbian party. Located in central London, UK, G-A-Y has an enviable reputation of offering outstanding Saturday night PA’s from artists normally associated with Arena and Stadium performances.

Further details and acts to be released soon!

Elton to Wear Maori Suit

Pop king Elton John is set to swap his sequinned jacket for a feather cloak (korowai) at his concert in New Zealand next month.

The cloak was made by Nelson iwi Ngati Koata after John reportedly met a New Zealander overseas wearing one and liked it.

His order is a coup for the iwi's fledgling company, Koata Krafts.

The korowai will be presented by Taranaki iwi Te Ati Awa when John performs at his December 6 concert in New Plymouth.

Koata Kraft's Christchurch sales and marketing manager, Jared Riwai-Couch, said he encouraged buyers to show off their cloaks, which are like pieces of art, rather than hide them away.

"In years to come they can tell their grandchildren where they have been worn and why."

The contemporary-styled cloaks are made from imported and treated bird feathers, including cockerel, ostrich and guinea fowl.

The cloaks are made at the iwi's central Nelson shop by three Ngati Koata women.

The cloaks are priced from $450 to $2000.

Most sales have been to Kiwis, both Maori and Pakeha, but tourists bought them, too, said Jared Riwai-Couch.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Elton & David's Holiday Plans

Elton, at a bash for Chopard in Manhattan, was across the world from his partner, preparing in Australia for the opening of Billy Elliot.

Liz Hurley, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Eva Herzigova were some of the others at the store launch on Madison Avenue.

Elton, though, was the guest of honour for the evening.

The company has worked with the musician on events for his AIDS foundation.

He said: "I'm here in a small capacity, returning a favour to them for a very big favour they do for us. They're great people and great humanitarians."

This branch is the 100th and largest shop to open.

"Because Elton tours so extensively, he can't sit in on some of the key music decision-making moments, so I act as his eyes and ears," Furnish said.

Meanwhile across the pond, when asked if life has changed since he and David Furnish became domestic partners, the songster's reply was:

“I don’t think it makes any difference, because we’ve been together for 13 years, and now we’ve been together for 14 years," he said. Still, the entertainer admitted, "It feels so much better, to be honest.”

He said he talks to the filmmaker on the phone 10 or 12 times a day.

The two plan to spend the holiday season in Venice before going on safari in Africa, "which we always do."

Asked about the murder of his friend Linda Stein (whose personal assistant confessed to the crime), Elton had less to say.

“I’m not here to talk about that."

He added that he would speak out at the appropriate time.

Elton to Play Germany

Another concert has been added to Elton and the Band's Rocket Man 2008 tour. The open air concert will be on Thursday, July 3rd, 2008 at Volkerschlachtdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Elton's Finally Coming to Tenerife

Elton and the band are to play a concert at the Estadio Olimpico Antonio Dominguez, Arona, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, on Thursday, January 24, 2008.

This concert, part of the ongoing Rocket Man tour, will be Elton's debut concert in the Canary Islands.

This concert has now been officially confirmed by Elton's Management.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Fort Myers Review

“Crossover” appeal used to mean that a singer from one Billboard hit list appeared on another, say from country to rock. But that was then.

This is now. “Crossover” has a lot more ground to cover. And it was clear last night at Germain Arena that Elton John is up to all that word could possibly mean.

Vans blasting competing Elton John hits had pulled in from local Radio stations hawking themselves as “classic rock,” “lite,” “mix,” “rock” and “today’s hits” as a sold-out crowd of 8,200 filed in to see Sir John in concert.

The music straddled genres, and the audience, generations.

Moms and dads sometimes toted a toddler.

Families came together to see the 60-year-old performer: Laurie and Steven Sloat of Estero are 43 and 47. Their sons Steven and Chris, 14 and 12, weren’t even close to being born when Brit Reginald Dwight broke through to a U.S. audience with the single “Your Song” in 1970. And that single still has a special place in their parents’ hearts. “That song – ‘Your Song’ -- was our song,” Laurie Sloat said.

For the Sloats and no doubt the rest of the audience, listening to Elton John was like taking a hop, skip and jump through their own lives.

Taking the stage in a black tailcoat suit with sequins and a royal blue shirt, John, 60, sported a bit of the flamboyance audiences have known for 38 years. He was dapper in an ascot and flashy in bling, in the form of a big, shiny cross around his neck. We loved him.

Actually, he had us at hello: He was treated to a standing ovation before playing even one note.

We have a history together, one that has lasted from vinyl to CD to iTunes.

Last night, it was easy to imagine the man – and ourselves -- back in the ‘70s, Elton in his stacked platform shoes; in the ‘80s, in the huge glasses, as he sang his way down the “Yellow Brick Road.” Together, we revisited “Madman Across the Water,” “Levon,” “Tiny Dancer,” “Daniel,” and the newer single, “Believe.” When was it, for any of us, when “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word”?

Ever the crowd-pleaser, John ended each song by standing and raising his arms and entertaining the applause that was his due. And then pointing to all angles of the arena, seeming to single out fan after fan, imparting to each a personal “thank you.”

He was animated, standing on the piano bench and waving to the crowd after opening the show with a vigorous “Love Lies Bleeding.” He sang the original “Candle in the Wind,” and we remembered that other version he sang just one time in 1997, after Princess Diana died.

We celebrated our mutual survival in “I’m Still Standing” and a positively joyous “The Bitch is Back.” Throughout, John was hale and hearty, and still at the top of his game. Indeed, “stone cold sober as a matter of fact” seemed more like a declaration than a lyric.

We gave him a break and sang the “La, la la la la la” chorus of “Crocodile Rock” ourselves.

Sometimes rocking out with his band of two percussionists – including original bandmate from 1969, Nigel Olsson – two guitarists and a backup keyboardist, and sometimes playing solo on piano, John was intense, closing his eyes behind blue shades while his hands flew across the keys in “Madman.”

There wasn’t a B side in the bunch, but “Honky Cat” had it all and funk besides. And then, a full hour and 40 minutes into the night, he was pounding his way through “Bennie and the Jets.” He raised a fist and looked happy to be singing “Philadelphia Freedom” and a jaunty “Sad Songs Say So Much.”

Wrapping up with “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting,” John was gone. Then back quickly to sign autographs on programs and at least one of the $150 denim jackets for sale in the lobby (topped in cost only by the black leather jackets at $400).

With his voice still strong, his fingers still nimble at 10:45, John took us through “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” and “Your Song.”

“Thank you Fort Myers,” he told us, “we had a blast.”

UCF Orlando Review

After all these years, the youthful flamboyance that Elton John once displayed on stage has mellowed into a more workmanlike approach.

Aside from introducing the band, he didn’t even do much talking between songs in a lengthy, utterly wonderful performance on Saturday at the new UCF Arena. Fortunately, that approach left more time for the singer’s formidable catalog of hits, which he delivered with the flair and enthusiasm that one might expect of a rock icon.

Taking the stage to the familiar stately chords of "Funeral for a Friend," the singer quickly sat at his piano and started pounding away. Two hours and 45 minutes later, he was still going strong.

At 60, he still looks and sounds terrific. Yet the most amazing aspect of watching him work is being reminded of the staggering number of timeless songs he has done. Hits tumble out one after another, as if an endless stream.

Accompanied by a 5-piece backing band that featured guitarist Davey Johnstone and drummer Nigel Olsson, John approached his material with a mix of reverence and playful reinvention.

"Tiny Dancer" and "Levon," a pair of songs from Madman Across the Water, started as faithful reproductions and then shifted in slightly new directions. The former was injected with a heavier rhythm section in the chorus, while the latter finished with a double-time finale that bordered on gospel.

Both songs also were augmented by the tasteful, understated stage design. Half a dozen rows of brightly colored tubes were suspended high above the musicians and a pair of rectangular horizontal screens behind the band displayed tiny aqua lights that looked like stars. Giant video screens were suspended on each side of the stage that offered close-ups that even revealed the tiny "EJ" monogram on the singer’s shades.

Musically, John definitely likes the big finish, adorning songs such as "Burn Down the Mission" and "Rocket Man" with flashy finales. All the added flourishes turned "Rocket Man" into an epic, a rare moment when the band’s playing bordered on self-indulgence.

With so many high points, however, a rock star can be forgiven. On Saturday, the list of triumphs was long: spot-on versions of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," "Someone Saved My Life Tonight," "Daniel," "Bennie and the Jets" and "Candle in the Wind," among them.

As John reminded the crowd near the end of the show, he has been doing these songs for a long time. Still, as he dedicated the closing "Your Song" to the audience, it was obvious that he still knows how to make the old hits sound new.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Elton to Play Washington

Elton John and his band are coming to Washington State University April 12 for a concert during the university's annual Mom's Weekend event.

"We are excited and grateful for the opportunity to have an artist of the caliber of Elton John performing at Washington State University ... ," said Leo Udy, director of Beasley Performing Arts Coliseum.

"This will be the one of the largest concerts we have ever had at the coliseum. WSU students, parents, and alumni as well as the surrounding communities will be talking for years about this concert experience."

Tickets will go on sale Jan. 25. Reserved tickets will be available at the Beasley Coliseum ticket office and online at or call 1-800-325-SEAT. There is a six-ticket limit per customer. Price of the tickets has not yet been announced.

The concert will include many of his greatest hits, as well as songs from his latest release, Rocket Man -- Number Ones, which was released earlier this year. The CD features a selection of his historic hits during the past 30 years, which have been newly compiled and digitally mastered.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Elton's Sense of Humor

Elton John the musician is critically heralded just as Elton John the performer is universally adored by audiences throughout the world, but what about the person behind the artist with the larger-than-life persona?

'He's actually shy,' said John Jorgenson, Elton's former guitarist and a longtime friend of the entertainer. 'But along with that you have a very ambitious and competitive person. That's where he gets his self-esteem — music and performing.'

Born Reginald Kenneth Dwight in 1947, Elton John was a student at the Royal Academy of Music in London when he formed his first band Bluesology in 1961.

He would later take his stage name from Bluesology saxophonist Elton Dean and their charismatic frontman, Long John Baldry. As a young solo artist trying to establish himself, Elton John 'realized he had to get outside of his shy personality' and thus his early costumes 'were a buffer' between the 'over-the-top' presence he developed and naturally being the 'the shy guy' who grew up in a restrictive home in Pinner, Middlesex, England.

When Elton - then named Reginald Dwight - left Baldry's band in May 1968, he renamed himself after Baldry's saxophonist Elton Dean, and got "John" after Long John himself. When Elton tried to commit suicide in 1968 because he was supposed to marry a woman he did not love, Baldry told him it was okay to be gay, a moment immortalized in Elton's 1975 hit Someone Saved My Life Tonight. The lyrics "Sugar Bear" refer to Baldry.

"That song is about John Baldry at the Bag O' Nails [pub] saying, 'You've got to call the wedding off,'" Elton recounts in Myers' book. "Without that it could have been an entirely different story. He really did change the course of my life, bless his heart."

Early on, Elton John was admittedly very self-conscious of his looks, although that is not the case today.

'I don't think he'd go onstage in a Donald Duck costume,' said Jorgenson, who did note that Elton John has as much a sense of humor as he has a flair for style.

In fact, although the 60-year-old may no longer don any flamboyant costumes, he did once attend an Iggy Pop concert in a rented gorilla suit. He even got onstage with Pop and began dancing.

'Iggy didn't know it was him and started punching him,' recalled Jorgenson. 'Elton was like, ‘It's me. It's Elton John.'

'British humor is so much snappier than American humor.'

Although he isn't known for writing lyrics, a task left to longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin, Elton John's love of 'funny things' has a tendency to come out in the form of parodies.

Those who know him best will attest to the fact that he's rather emotional. A characteristic that leads to him sitting at the piano and writing self-deprecating lyrics right there on the spot.

'He's brilliant in that way,' said Jorgenson, who added the parodies are often topical, rowdy, hysterical and not to be repeated.

'He's not going to goof around with the music, but he's an amazing parody lyricist. In a concert he would never do that.'

The Killers Want to Work with Elton

After successfully working with Lou Reed, 65, the Vegas rockers have set their sights on another collaborator – Sir Elton John, 60.

Killers’ Brandon Flowers said: “It would be nice to work with somebody new, you know?
“It seems like nobody gets together enough any more.

“It would be nice to do something with someone like Elton John.”
The boys have spent the past year touring their album Sam’s Town and want to come back with a fresh sound next time.

Win a Signed Elton 60 DVD

Elton John's Record Breaking 60th sell-out performances at Madison Square Garden on his 60th brithday, recorded on March 25th, 2007 and televised worldwide is the setting for his DVD, Elton 60 Live At Madison Square Garden.

Celebrating 60 sell-out Madison Square Garden performances on his 60th birthday! An awe inspiring moment captured in breath-taking high definition, complete with 5.1 surround sound and stereo mixes.

A second DVD of bonus material presents 24 archival performances from his earliest known TV performances on Swiss TV in 1970 to his BBC "In Session" show from 2006.

Proceeds from this auction will benefit the Elton John Aids Foundation. Includes COA.

Elton Plans New York Memorial Concert

Pop superstar Elton John is planning a memorial concert for slain celebrity real-estate agent Linda Stein, with the proceeds going to breast-cancer research.

According to Hope Faith Consolo, another high-powered New York real-estate broker and friend of Stein, John wants to do the show in April.

"He's doing that just for Linda Stein, because Linda was a big supporter for Elton John's AIDS foundation," Consolo said. Stein was stricken with breast cancer in the mid-1990s.

Yesterday, Stein's friends and family gathered for a final day of mourning as stumped detectives again visited the crime scene.

Four detectives made the trip to Stein's Fifth Avenue apartment building where she was found in a pool of blood by her daughter Mandy on Oct. 30.

In recent days, police removed a portion of Stein's 18th-floor penthouse doorframe along with her bathtub drain in a search for clues.

The show Elton is dedicating to Linda will take place at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation's annual soiree at the Waldorf-Astoria.

The Hot Pink Party will be held on Tuesday, April 8. Individual tickets range from $2,500 Bronze to $10,000 Platinum.

Besides a 9 p.m. concert, the function includes cocktails at seven, followed by dinner at 7:45 p.m.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bid on Elton's Lunchbox

Lunchboxes created by artists, actors, chefs, musicians, photographers, politicians and fashion designers — from Bill Gates to Bill Clinton to Bono and 150 luminaries in between — were auctioned off in 2005 to highlight the plight of hungry children in New York City and South Africa. The auction was a spectacular success, raising more than a hundred thousand dollars for hunger relief. This year's online auction will kick off on December 6, 2007.

For more please see:

Elton Coming to Halifax, Canada?

City hall is on the brink of signing a deal with a major promoter for an outdoor concert on the Halifax Commons next summer.

Council is to meet at 10:30 a.m. today with representatives of the Gillett Entertainment Group, a Montreal promoter.

But the names of the bands being bandied about as potential headliners won’t be revealed until that meeting, a city hall source said Tuesday.

Big bands like U2, the Eagles, Elton John and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are possibles for the concert, which would have to draw more than 40,000 concertgoers, owing to its location in the central Halifax park.

"What I can say is that it is for concerts for next year, but until we have the details, there’s not a whole lot more we can say."

Stay in Elton's Private VIP Suite

Over the summer, the Los Angeles Police Department lost one of its own in a traffic accident.

Mike Selleh, who was 52, left behind a family, and they will soon receive proceeds from an event being held at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills.

The November 11 extravaganza, commencing at 6 p.m., includes a chance to meet Elton, and tickets costing $40 are available through Ticketmaster or by calling Detective Glenn McConnell at (818) 374-7883.

Masters of Ceremonies: Radio Personality Rick Dees and The Tonight Show's Johnny Melendez

Musical Entertainment: The classic rock band, Retro Rockit, who specialise in retro rock cover songs from the 1970's and 1980's and the Pink Floyd Tribute band.

Also scheduled: A Silent Auction and a Raffle featuring one-of-a-kind items such as a ride on the Goodyear Blimp, a soccer jersey signed by David Beckham, two tickets to the November 27 taping of the Dancing with the Stars finale, lunch with Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton, and a ride-along in an L.A.P.D. Police Helicopter, and a trip for two to see Elton in Las Vegas, which includes a two-night stay in Elton's VIP suite, seats in Elton's box for the show, and a chance to meet Elton backstage after the show.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Missoula Sold Out

Tickets for the April 2008 Elton John concert at the Adams Center, University of Montana, Missoula are sold out.

The tickets sold out in about an hour.

“Tickets went on sale at noon and it was sold out a little after 1 p.m.,” said Amy Hartz, ticket clerk.

Elton John will play Adams Center April 11 at 8 p.m. His stop in Missoula this spring will be the only Montana concert on his 2008 Rocket Man Number Ones tour. Rocket Member tickets also sold out,

Due to a huge demand, all our Rocket tickets for Elton's concert in Missoula, Montana, on April 11, 2008, are sold. There were many Rocket members trying to buy these tickets and they all sold in a matter of minutes. We are sorry to disappoint some of you and hope that you will be successful next time.

Monday, November 5, 2007

4 Lucky People Meet Elton in NZ


Cathy Dilbeck & Madison Throneberry from Arkansas were the final winners of a three week promotion that captivated the city of Little Rock. Mayor Stodola of Little Rock and Peter Tennent his counterpart in New Plymouth have been live on air in both countries sharing information on each others locations.

An as a great by-product of the promotion they are talking about ‘sister city’ status. The mother and daughter winners hardly knew about NZ and in their first radio interview expressed a quirky naivety about NZ but a real ‘over-the-top’ excitement on making the trip in December.

As part of the prize the two not only won the air fares, travel luggage and expenses but will be part of a very few who get to meet & greet Sir Elton backstage before the concert. While in New Zealand they will travel to other North Island locations before being chaperoned by Venture Taranaki and accompanying the two local New Zealand winners also getting a chance to meet he superstar.

Promoter Phil Sprey at Capital C: Concerts went on to say, “ when we connected the two stations with the help of our American Office team we had no idea the event would grow into such a great travel and awareness promotion”, “everyone involved got into the spirit of the competition and it just took off.”

With a month to go only 1500 seats remain with the expanded venue and unlike Wellington last year this year will see a range of special features added to the concert including special lighting effects to compliment the ‘Festival of Lights’ in Pukekura Park and a special presentation to the Rock Knight on behalf of local IWI. As Sprey says, “ We always add a whole layer to make the concert an experience no one will ever forget,” the Bowl lends itself to such a production and we will deliver a memory that will be unique.”

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Elton's Madeleine McCann Tribute Cancelled

Six months, as close as could be calculated, to the minute since Madeleine McCann disappeared from the bedroom of a Portuguese holiday apartment, her family, friends and neighbours gathered quietly last night to pray for her return.

The restrained nature of last night's service signalled a shift away from the high-profile approach previously favoured by the McCanns and their media advisers. Plans for a global "Madeleine Day", featuring the likes of Elton John, JK Rowling and the former American president Bill Clinton, appear to have been quietly shelved, along with plans for further public appearances by the couple.

David Furnish in Australia Already

David Furnish made an appearance at the Hayden Orpheum, Cremorne, to promote the film Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

A cast of celebrity guests at the opening, including Elton John's husband, David Furnish, who is in Australia working on the stage show Billy Elliot said:

"I haven't met Cate [Blanchett] before, but I'm a big fan of her work," said Furnish.

"It's quite special. I'm very excited."

Dozens of locals gathered outside the cinema to see some of Australia's biggest stars walk down the red carpet.

Perhaps he will stay on until Elton arrives at the end of November to kick off his Solo Australian Tour.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Storys To Support Elton...Again

They’ve shared the same bill as Paul Weller and next year they will support Sir Elton John for the third time. But, for now, The Storys are focusing on their imminent gig at a small Valleys venue. Karen Price reports

THE Storys are not afraid to take on board advice from some of the biggest names in the music business.

After all, the Swansea band have supported superstar Sir Elton John on tour – twice. And today it's revealed that they will join him once again next year – for a concert at the Liberty Stadium in their home city.

But they are currently preparing to play a much more intimate gig in the South Wales Valleys next week – and they are pondering words of wisdom from another famous rocker. Manic Street Preachers frontman James Dean Bradfield is urging The Storys to “bring the house down” when they appear in Blackwood – his home town – on Thursday.

Bradfield was on the same bill as the Swansea six-piece when they played the city’s National Waterfront Museum recently.

“He just told us to go for it at Blackwood and that the crowd would be great – we can’t wait,” says The Storys lead singer Steve Balsamo.

“Our drummer, Brian, might even wear eye make-up as a salute to the Manics.”

The two bands share a passion for melodic songwriting.

Bradfield’s talent was honed in Blackwood, where he formed the Manics along with childhood friends Richey Edwards, Sean Moore and Nicky Wire.

Balsamo says, “The Manics’ songs are very musical, full of great melodies – we thrive on melodies too. Perhaps it’s being Welsh, with our choral heritage, that allows us to be musical and melodic. We should all be proud of our heritage and the quality musicians and songwriters we have down here.”

The Storys enjoyed their gig in Swansea with Bradfield.

“He wanted to know what we were up to and was very encouraging about us making our way in music,” says Balsamo. “One lesson we took away was to keep writing good songs – even though he was playing rock numbers by the Manics on just an acoustic guitar they still sounded incredible. Another lesson was to be fair and decent with everybody you meet. It was good to see that somebody like James who’s sold so many records and who’s so big was so approachable and chatty. Music’s not just about playing gigs, it’s about the whole package – meeting people and being good with everyone.”

The Blackwood gig will be the last chance for music fans in Wales to catch The Storys live this year. And they will be previewing tracks from their new album, which is due to be released in February.

“It will be a great place to road test some of that stuff. I’m sure the audience will let us know exactly what they think.”

The Storys were formed almost five years ago and the line-up also includes Andy Collins, Dai Smith, Rob Thompson, Brian Thomas and Alan Thomas. The men range in age from their 30s to their 50s.

The Storys began recording their debut album in Thompson’s kitchen with Smith producing, before the band relocated to a converted cinema, The Hall, in Glyncorrwg in the Welsh valleys. They ended up recording more than 30 songs and 11 were selected for the self-titled album, which was critically acclaimed.

In fact, the album fell into the lap of Sir Elton and he was so impressed with what he heard that he invited the band to support him on his UK stadium and arena tour in 2006.

The Rocket Man himself called up Balsamo to offer the Welsh boys the important gig.

Suddenly the band – who had previously supported the legendary Tom Jones during his 65th birthday homecoming gig at Ynysangharad Park, Pontypridd in May 2005 – were propelled into the limelight.

Balsamo – who once played the leading role in the West End production of Jesus Christ Superstar – admits that arriving at the Manchester MEN Arena for the first night of Sir Elton’s tour was a daunting experience for the nervous support act.

Just after the tour ended he admitted, “The first night was amazing. Lawrence Davies, who is kind of our tour manager, is a big lump of a man but to see him crying when he was watching us, I thought we are doing something right. That was one of our highlights – to make a grown man cry.”

The Storys also ended 2006 on a high when they played European stadium gigs in support of Katie Melua.

This year has been just as successful and they found themselves touring with Sir Elton for a second time. Today it's revealed that they will join him next year at the Liberty Stadium.

But while the band may now have a national reputation, they continue to enjoy gigging on a local level – even managing to perform at Swansea Museum.

“It was for the Teenage Cancer Trust and coincided with a brilliant exhibition at the museum about the history of Swansea rock,” says Balsamo.

“It might have seemed an unlikely venue for the two gigs we did in one day but it was great.”

The Storys were also delighted this year to appear on a new CD alongside rock giants such as Paul Weller, Steve Winwood and Pete Townsend. A live version of a track by The Storys sits with work by other big names ranging from blues hero Gary Moore to songsmith Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens).

Balsamo says, “To be on the same CD as these people is awesome – and it was even more incredible to meet them when the live recording was made.

“Working with some of the world’s top musical talent will, hopefully, have rubbed off on our own new album that’s due out in February.”

The live CD was recorded in January as a stellar line-up gathered for charity at London venue The Roundhouse. It salutes the late Jim Capaldi, of British prog-rockers Traffic, who released hit albums such as Mr Fantasy. Capaldi died of stomach cancer in 2005. The performers included Joe Walsh of The Eagles, Jon Lord of Deep Purple and Dennis Locorriere of Dr Hook. The event was hosted by broadcasting legend Whispering Bob Harris.

Balsamo says, “Capaldi created some top class music – he was a superb drummer and an articulate lyricist.

“We were over the moon to be invited to perform at the tribute event. We were bowled over to be rubbing shoulders with heroes like Weller, Winwood and Walsh.”

Now they look forward to rubbing shoulders with music fans in Blackwood – and taking Bradfield’s advice.

The Storys play Blackwood Miners’ Institute on Thursday. For more details, visit