Monday, December 17, 2007

Werribee Park Review


The weather was fine a nice 21 degrees a slight cool breeze but no chance of rain, or dark clouds hovering above my head. I had arrived at the Werribee Park Mansion by 3:30pm and made my way through the fields to the ticket entrance, but without being stopped by the sound of a helicopter, and I knew yep this is him a little earlier than yesterday but at least I know he was coming.

This time I was about 50meters away from the helicopter a big beautiful machine it was, how ironic and fitting to be carrying a man who is like a machine who does notstop! A white 4wd drove to the doors of the helicopter, his body guards jumped out of the helicopter opened the doors and then Elton jumped out and straight into the 4wd and drove away into the trees.

I was first in line at the ticket gates waiting patiently and calmly with the excitement inside me boiling away like a kettle waiting for the water to be poured out! But this was only a matter of time.

The gates opened just after 4:30pm and I was the first person through I calmly walked into the grounds and again was astonished by the size of the stage, time went so quick and before I knew it, it was about 7:30pm and I may my way to my seat along with Amoreena who was sitting next to me in A3 row B17 and B18 yes! Second row from the front.

About 7:45pm Elton appeared and a massive roar, bigger than Saturday nights it sounded like 20,000 lions roaring, he bowed and praised the crowed blowing kisses and waving to everyone, and then straight into it “Your Song” but it sounded like it was for me “my song” he played it with ease and not a note to be missed his voice was in fine form like a fine drop of whiskey purely delectable! He finished the song and made a comment of everywhere he has gone in Australia this tour he brought the rain with him, but was quick to point out that we needed it and was proud he could do so, but also said we have blue skies tonight and we did just perfect, but whether it rained, hail or storms I wouldn’t be moving anywhere id be glued to my seat!

Then he played “60 years on” no Elton your not 60 years on, because you play like your young and energetic you will never be to old to play. He played an array of songs from “Nikita” to “Roy Rogers”, “Candle in the Wind” and to one song that means so much to me “Sacrifice” this song just brought me to tears and that is not easy to do, it was one of the most beautiful songs I herd him play he touched every note and made me feel I was the only one there and in spirit I was! I was left stunned and numb with goose bumps and a feeling of great gratitude.

He then went on to play other songs like “Mona Lisa’s and the Mad Hatters” he played “Ticking” which was fantastic and “Tiny Dancer” and the excitable “Honky Cat” everyone was grooving in there seats and had smiles that would put the Sydney harbour bridge to shame. Once again he played “Philadelphia Freedom” and I cannot get over the way it sounded I have never herd it like that before the sound of the piano and the lighting it just ripped through my body like getting punched harder and harder I was so enthralled and entranced by the sound and Elton was loving it do, at one stage having a bit of a groove in his seat, I think he loved it more than what the fans did.

Elton seemed so much more relaxed tonight he just did not smiling and laughing he was in his element and prime, he was giving it everything he has but wanted to give it more and he did, he played “I Guess That’s Why They Call it The Blues” but I wasn’t feeling the blues tonight I was feeling the power of a music machine that cannot be stopped, he went on to play “Rocket Man” and wow! He rocketed everyone out of there seat to mars and let me tell you it would not of been cold as hell in Mars it would have been hot! And we would have rocketed beyond the universe!

“Blue Eyes” was played with precision and style it made all of us appreciate the beautiful country Australia is, and he spoke about how much he loved it and how welcome we have made him feel. After he finished that song we again were at the stage dancing and grooving to the music admiring his immaculate clothing with butterflies spread across his arms and showman pants with dramatic detail on his shoes and to the socks, yes I was that close!

In between songs he signed items, and he signed my Rocket Club t-shirt without making an effort to take it up on stage and hold it up so everyone could see the t-shirt and signed it beautifully, I made the comment to Elton as he was signing away that “Your looking 21 Elton” and he loved it he looked at me and laughed and said thank you!

Back to his long sleek back piano and chair he pumped out “Bennie and the Jets” followed by songs “Don’t Let the Sun go Down on Me” and which it had gone down and we knew the show was nearing an end, but in true style he ended it with “I’m Still Standing” and Elton yes you are still standing and we the fans will always stand up to you and thank you for you time and effort in coming to see us again, you truly blessed the crowd and its was an honor to have made you feel welcome in my backyard, see you soon.

Erol Ibrahim

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