Friday, December 7, 2007

Nokia Phones Now Include Free Elton Songs

Nokia and Universal Music have teamed up to allow mobile phone users free music downloads.

Users will be allowed unlimited free downloads from one of the world’s largest music catalogues, which will not only serve to increase mobile music usage, but also apply pressure on Apple’s iTunes which currently dominates the download market, with an 80% share.

According to the UK’s The Independent, Nokia has launched the offer, called “Comes With Music”, which will be available fro the second half of 2008 with new Nokia handsets.

Consumers will have access to download an unlimited number of songs from Universal’s diverse back catalogue, which includes songs from artists such as Bon Jovi, Willie Nelson and Elton John, as well as contemporary artists such as Amy Winehouse.

In July, Universal Music turned down a renewal of its long-term agreement with Apple and has since made its content available on rival platforms.

The music company is most likely to share in Nokia’s revenue of selling the handset, while the music will assumedly be tracked via digital rights management to ensure artist compensation.

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