Thursday, December 20, 2007

Elton's Christmas Plans

Molly Meldrum and photographer friend Lisa D'Kroshel visited the headliner and his entourage backstage at his Werribee mansion concert.

Inside the lavish marquee were about 300 pairs of coloured glasses for Elton to choose from, as well as dozens of bottles of cologne from around the world.

The marquee was decked out like a hotel room, with beautiful Asian prints on the walls and Persian carpets on the floor.

As for the shirt, it was the No. 10 jumper worn by the Storm's Bree White in a semi-final at Telstra Dome earlier this year.

After the concert Elton took a helicopter to Essendon airport and then flew straight to London in his private jet.

Meanwhile, Sir Elton John and partner David Furnish will be relaxing in picturesque Venice.

David said: "We're going to have a quiet Christmas - we always go away to our apartment in Venice and just sort of get away from everything and shut down. It's a very peaceful time for us, and very important, and I can't wait."

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