Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Elton" to Appear on UK Talent Search

Imagine Kylie, Madonna and Robbie Williams singing their greatest hits live, together, on stage… along with Elton John, Frank Sinatra and Diana Ross!

Well imagine no more, as these are just some of the world-famous superstars whose tribute acts will be singing for your votes and the chance to be crowned 'The One and Only...'

New to BBC One Saturday nights, ‘The One and Only…’ will show the search for the UK’s best tribute act. The new primetime show, presented by multi-award winning host Graham Norton, will showcase the crème de la crème of the UK’s tribute acts as they battle it out for a once in a lifetime opportunity: the chance to perform on the grandest stage of them all, in Las Vegas, USA.

It is surely every entertainer’s dream to sing amidst the bright lights, glitz and glamour of The Las Vegas Strip, which is home to the world’s biggest showbiz stars and a byword for entertainment extravaganzas. And very soon, one talented British tribute act will be there.

‘The One and Only…’ will offer the greatest and most unique showbiz opportunity ever featured on UK television and a prize that money certainly can’t buy: a three-month performance contract in Las Vegas. There, the winner will live the dream of their musical superstar, taking part in the world’s longest running musical tribute show, 'Legends in Concert'.

'The One and Only…' will begin on Saturday nights in early January 2008.

And once the live shows have begun, you too can take part in the fun. Whilst watching 'The One and Only…' you can be loyal to your favourite tribute act by joining in with their performance at home. Just press the red button on your remote control to enjoy a karaoke sing-along to the music of all the stars on the show.

'The One & Only' will appear on BBC 1 commencing January 5.

Superfan Richard Booth will also be a part of the show.
Richard has seen Elton John in concert more than 100 times, and has travelled the world to do so - including to Las Vegas to see Elton’s Red Piano Concert.

Richard set up the fan website ‘’, where he posts personal concert reviews and photographs. Elton’s management love the website and frequently donate signed memorabilia from the international superstar to give away to fans.

Richard believes that any Elton John tribute act must master Elton’s flamboyant personality and captivating stage performances.

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