Saturday, December 8, 2007

Elton Plays Tasmania Tonight!

ELTON John's tour manager, Andy Mackrill, was confident yesterday that his large crew would overcome rain delays and be ready for tonight's concert at Aurora Stadium in Launceston.

"We are probably about half a day behind," he said.

"But these things usually take as long as you've got -- and we have a deadline -- it has to be ready by opening time tomorrow, so it will be.

"The last show was in Townsville, so the trucks from that show -- which have the sound, lighting and video equipment and the piano -- have only just arrived.

"The structure behind me came from the Hunter Valley after the Tempus Two show on Sunday, so it has been a mad race to get that here today."

"It is still not finished. The cranes are still putting the finishing touches on.

"It is about 100 tonnes of steel -- it is a lot of stuff to move around."

Mr Mackrill said he was expecting about 15,000 people would attend the show, which will go for between 2¼ and 2¾ hours.

Two huge video screens beside the stage will ensure everybody can see.

"The length of the show varies, depending on how much chatter there is between songs and he does the whole range from the very early songs to the most recent ones from Billy Elliott," Mr Mackrill said.

"Essentially it's Elton and a piano but, with the video screens, it becomes larger than life and everyone will feel really close to him.

"There will still be tickets available now that we've seen how the structure fits on the field."

He said Sir Elton wanted to go to places other than capital cities in the Rocket Man Solo Tour.

"This time he wanted to go to other places and here we are in Launceston fulfilling that dream of his," he said.

Sir Elton will arrive today and fly straight back to Sydney after the show.

Rain would not stop the show, Mr Mackrill said.



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