Friday, December 14, 2007

Elton in a Tutu & Arthur Backstage

Sir Elton John has an unlikely supporter backstage, his husband David Furnish has revealed. Lady Furnish told our glam rock correspondent, Valerie Lawson, that the couple's beloved American cocker spaniel, Arthur, lies on a sofa in the rocker's dressing room listening to his performances.

"He knows the set list. He gets up at the last number and runs to the stage," he said during a break in the Billy Elliott media call at the Capitol Theatre on Tuesday. Furnish also discussed plans for a "cold and misty and romantic" Christmas break with Elton in their Venice apartment.

"We might take a dog or two. It's great having dogs on the road. They add a whole new area of comfort." He said Arthur loved air travel and went "bananas" in the car on the way to the airport before running up the steps to the private jet.

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